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Add them to the list because Redlands is another city joining the Best Solar Company in the state of California, Semper Solaris, in the solar power revolution!

That's right, Semper Solaris has brought the gift of Solar Power to the Redlands community!

Stimulating the local economy with countless Residential Solar projects, Solar Installation jobs, and bringing the bustling city to new heights!

Whether it's the savings, the blackout protection, or the rare ability to "lock-in" your energy cost, Solar power is a flat-out home run! Similarly, the homeowners of Redlands can see these benefits plain as day and are capitalizing on the opportunity. Like many California citizens, they are fed up with having zero control of their energy and are turning to Solar Power to take it back!

Are you, yes you, a Redlands local?

Have you been considering going Solar?

Well get the heck off the fence and cut the cord!

Join Semper Solaris today and become a part of the Solar Power Revolution!


Semper Solaris is one of the top solar and battery storage installation companies in the great state of California! Veteran-owned and operated, Semper Solaris takes great pride in being the only solar company that inhabits the honor and integrity of the United States armed forces. Above all, it is those values that have led them to receive numerous awards, an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and countless referrals from happy customers.

So if you have been on the fence about getting solar panels, what are you waiting for?

The time is now and there could not be a more trustworthy and reliable team to go with than Semper Solaris!

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When it comes to Solar installation Semper Solaris leads the way!

Providing the California cities like Redlands with exceptional solar systems without breaking the bank! Solar panels are truly a life-changing technology that can do far more than just reduce your electric bills! Solar Panels put YOU in charge of your energy. You are the farmer and the sun is your crop! When you go solar you will be: protected against power outages, lower or eliminate your electric bill, and completely lock in your energy rates! AND have complete control over how and when you source your electricity!

For instances, if you are a Redlands homeowner, and are ready for the safeguard and FREEDOM that solar panels can provide, get a move one and join Semper Solaris in the Solar Power revolution today!

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Get Solar in Redlands

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How Much Will A Solar System Cost Me?

Semper Solaris can offer you options for a solar system that not only meets your electricity needs but also fits your budget. You can also take advantage of solar tax credits available to California residents. There are state and federal rebates available that can make putting solar panels in your Concord home an affordable option for you, and will help defer some of the up-front solar costs, until the system “pays for itself”, which usually happens in as little as 5 years. Our solar panel installation will meet HOA and all jurisdiction requirements.

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How Solar Works
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Semper Solaris is standing by to make your "Solar Switch" as simple and carefree as possible! With Semper Solaris, you can have your Solar system up, running, and saving you money - completely hassle-free - thanks to Solar Financing! Our solar loans are a one-of-a-kind financing option for potential solar customers. They will give YOU, the buyer, the rare ability to own your solar system from the start WITHOUT a massive day one investment!

A Solar panel loan is a lot like a car loan or a mortgage; they are a conventional bank loan that gives you the ability to pay for your solar panels month by month as opposed to all at once.

BUT solar panel loans have one KEY difference from your normal car or home improvement loans!

Solar loans enable you to use financing as a tool to acquire an asset that adds value to your property while actively saving you money in the process!

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Best Solar Company in Redlands

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Are you fed up with having little to no control over your energy bills? Want to save money on your power and officially declare your energy independence?
Team up with Semper Solaris today and become a part of the Solar Power Revolution!

Semper Solaris makes the process very streamlined and easy, so the permitting process is quick

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Redlands Office

1720 Howard PL Redlands, CA


Helping Veterans One
System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.