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What once began as a small suburban community, with farming and agriculture at its roots, has grown into the city of Costa Mesa today, a world-class industrial and commercial city.

The city features some of the best retail, restaurants and cultural arts in the nation. Its summer weather is perfect for its various outdoor community events, like movies and concerts in the park as well as the many youth culture outreaches. Costa Mesa is known as “The City of the Arts.” It is the capital of the action sports industry, and it is the home of the NFL Los Angeles Chargers training facility.

All that it has to offer makes Costa Mesa is a great community to live in, and its excellent weather makes it a perfect location for solar power!

If you haven’t begun investing in solar, now is the time to start! Solar panel installation in Costa Mesa is easy and fast with our team at Semper Solaris.

Practice makes perfect. Our team of contractors and technicians for solar and roofing have experience in every kind of installation, repair, and replacement in the Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas.

Our trained and experienced team of contractors is based locally, so we offer the best solar installation in Costa Mesa. As a local company, we understand the residents of Costa Mesa and can better work to meet your needs and preferences. Your local Semper Solaris team knows that installation must meet each of the various regulations specific to the area of Costa Mesa.

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Among Costa Mesa’s wonderful roots of cultural arts is its large industrial platform. Energy needs are massive in a city like Costa Mesa. The cost of those needs is higher than what appears on your monthly energy bill. That bill represents the direct cost of using electricity, but it hides the price that it charges on our families, the environment, and our planet as a whole.

Externalities are the costs that burning fossil fuels have on the environment, like pollution and land degradation. The consequences seem far off and removed from our daily lives, so we hesitate to act. Meanwhile, the earth suffers from mining and drilling methods. People suffer from health issues, such as cancer and asthma, caused by air pollution, toxins, and greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels.

Solar power is clean energy. It is also renewable and abundant energy. In only one second, the sun produces more energy than has ever been used in the history of humankind. We’re not able to harness all of this power, of course, but solar technology continues to advance and improve in both energy conversion efficiency and capacity. The possibilities are limitless!

When you go solar in Costa Mesa, you are reducing your carbon footprint on the planet and helping create a better world for the future. It’s our passion as a solar company to supply everyone with clean energy, so we can help save Costa Mesa and the planet one solar installation at a time.

Solar panels installed on homes in Costa Mesa by Semper Solaris.
Solar panels installed on homes in Costa Mesa by Semper Solaris.

Solar and Roofing in Costa Mesa

There are many benefits to going solar in Costa Mesa:

Immediate Savings

With the help of federal and state solar rebates and credits, the price of installing solar panels and your solar system is made more affordable for everyone!

Monthly and Annual Savings

Installing solar panels can drastically cut your monthly energy bill immediately and save you money big time throughout the years.

Increase Property Value

Solar panels are an investment that impacts nearly every area of your financials, including your property value. The increase in value often will offset the cost of installing solar panels, plus, solar-powered homes are more likely to sell quickly.


Just like we said above, solar panels are an investment. With an average of a 10-15% return on your solar panels, it would be hard to find a better and safer investment than solar.

Energy Independence

The cost of energy continues to climb higher and higher. With solar panels, you create your own energy and free yourself from utility companies and your monthly bill.

Environmental Protections

Burning fossil fuels for energy charges a high price on our planet. Solar power provides Costa Mesa with an opportunity for renewable and clean energy, which will reduce your carbon footprint and protect our planet for future generations.

As you embark on your journey to clean energy, finding a reliable solar company in Costa Mesa should be your first step.

As a company owned and operated by veterans, every task is done with determination, dedication, and detail. The values our servicemen and women learned during their service overflow into our work at Semper Solaris. We are built upon loyalty, trust, respect, honor, and selfless service.

Other solar contractors in Costa Mesa can’t compare to the level of service and respect you will receive from Semper Solaris.

Costa Mesa Roof Replacement

At Semper Solaris, we make sure you have everything you need to ensure the best solar experience!

That includes making sure your property and roof are ready for their solar panel installation. Semper Solaris is a trusted and professional roofing company in Costa Mesa. We know that solar panels should not be installed on a weak roof, but our team will make sure your roof is fully prepared!

Getting a roofing replacement in Costa Mesa can have more benefits than merely being durable enough to sustain solar panels. It also:

  • Increases your curb appeal
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Lowers utility bills
  • Provides Comfort and Dependability
  • Comes with a Manufacturer Warranty: parts and labor-backed for 50 years
  • Gives you peace of mind

Whether you want to install solar panels, get a roof replacement, or both, your one-stop shop is right here, at the best solar roofing company in Costa Mesa, Semper Solaris!

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