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Solar Battery Storage Los Angeles

Store Solar Energy for Later Use

As the solar industry begins to drastically increase sales, so does the efficiency of the technology used to power your Los Angeles homes! When solar was first released to residential areas, people were very skeptical about the amount of money actually being saved when investing in this new technology. Time has passed since the first boom in solar power, and now, so have the capabilities of solar battery storage.  

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What is Battery Sotrage?

“What is solar battery storage?” is one of the most asked questions in the Los Angeles area when it comes to solar power.

Solar battery storage consists of a device that reserves energy gained during the hot sunny days for later use. The stored energy is used when needed, even when your solar panels are not generating power or during a power outage.

For example:

During the late afternoon when everyone is getting home from work, energy companies will charge higher rates for energy consumption.


Because they can.

Having a solar battery storage can counteract the high prices of time-of-use electrical rates! Your reserved energy gained during the day can be used at your discretion to diminish any or all costs of using power during peak hours. This is just one example of the ways that battery storage can assist you.

Another is the ability to use this stored energy during a power outage. While all of your neighbors are looking for their dusty old flashlights, you can continue your day without skipping a beat because you won’t even notice that there is a power outage!

Solar battery storage also allows for users to switch from stored power to normal power without any sort of time gap. This is crucial for emergency situations like power outages.



What is the Best Battery Storage System?

With time comes great new technology. Solar energy is changing the way we power our homes and communities.

There are a couple different battery storage companies dominating the market right now but each has its own strengths.

As of now, Tesla is one of the top manufacturers of these solar battery storage devices. Tesla Powerwall and LG both offer smart storage systems which allow the user to change settings with just a few clicks on their phone. Giving the ability to change settings on the fly is a plus when it comes to changing electrical usage plans.  





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Why is Los Angeles a Hotspot for Solar Battery Storage?

Los Angeles is home to some of the best weather in the entire nation. The lucky residents of Los Angeles are blessed with 300 plus days of sunshine per year but most residents are at work during these hot, beaming hours.

Without a storage device, the excess energy gained during those long days go to waste. The key to maximizing the profits of your solar investment is to include a top of the line battery storage device. This will make sure that your investment in solar is maximized. And as a solar energy consumer, you know you are getting the most bang for your buck.





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