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As residents of El Monte, we love the city we call home. El Monte enjoys the beautiful sunshine California, our Sunshine State, is so well-known for. With consistently incredible temperatures year long, El Monte has it all.

However, there is one downside to the warm weather: your energy bill. Is there anything worse than coming home to an entirely air-conditioned home, and then realizing that feeling will be crushed as soon as you see your monthly electric bill?

Many people in California are taking advantage of the sunshine and cutting free from the stress of energy bills with solar panel installation in El Monte.

The initial cost of solar panels is daunting, and most run from solar because of the upfront price. At Semper Solaris, we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. However, with the help of federal and state solar rebates and credits, the price of installing solar panels and your solar system is made more affordable for everyone!

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Solar is an investment, and investments pay off over time. With the clean energy from your solar panels, you’ll find your investment reaps both immediate and long-term returns. Immediately, your monthly electric bill will decrease as your demand for electricity is fulfilled by the energy produced from sunlight. Over time, as the price for electricity continues to rise, you’ll save hundreds of thousands, just in monthly bills. Soon enough, your panels will hit a point in which they’ve paid for themselves.

At Semper Solaris, we are a locally owned and operated company, and we take pride in the best solar installation in El Monte. If your already convinced solar is for you, contact us now!

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Financial benefits aren’t the only motivation to go solar. Clean energy benefits individual health and the environment. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory concluded that there would be a significant reduction of harmful emissions if solar were the primary provider of energy.

The process of converting energy from fossil fuels requires large amounts of water. Producing solar panels requires very little and would decrease the use and waste of water. Solar power also reduces greenhouse gases emitted by burning fossil fuels like carbon dioxide, which leads to rising temperatures and climate change.

Now is the time to switch to solar in El Monte, because now is the time to start helping the environment. As a solar company in El Monte, our passion is to enable every home to use clean energy. Join us in our goal to help save the environment; save in El monte!

Semper Solaris contractors working on installing solar panels for a home in El Monte, Los Angeles
Semper Solaris contractors working on installing solar panels for a home in El Monte, Los Angeles


Often, homeowners hold out on getting a new roof because they are costly. It’s hard to decide whether or not a new roof would be worth the investment. When you trust a professional roofing or solar contractor in El Monte like Semper Solaris, you’ll quickly see why it is an excellent investment.

  • Increase your curb appeal

    Broken and cracked shingles or tiles can cause your home to look run down, but a new roof can do just the opposite. If you’re looking to put your house on the market, remember first impressions matter. Curb appeal can be a big deal to families looking to buy a home.

  • Increase the value of your home

    A new roof can add value to the resale price of your home. Real estate is a hard market, but a new roof puts your house a step above the rest immediately.

  • Increase energy efficiency (with or without solar) and lower utility bills 

    Professional roofing installation and replacement with a trusted company like Semper Solaris can significantly reduce your energy costs. A new roof offers improved insulation, and modern roofs are produced with much more environmentally friendly methods than older roofs.

  • Give you peace of mind

    Old roofs lose their reliability quickly and are more susceptible to water damage, heavy winds, and extensive sunlight.

  • Comfort and Dependability

    One of the biggest reasons to replace your roof is for the comfort of your family and home. Better insulation provides for more consistent and comfortable temperatures, which is one of the primary functions of the roof. When your roof does its job well, and temperatures are as desired, you save by using your HVAC system less.

  • New Warranty

    When you replace your roof with Semper Solaris, you are getting the best roofing warranty: both parts and labor-backed by the manufacturer for 50 years! Ultimately, a new roof is an investment in your home and pays off in so many different ways.

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

Semper Cares