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Here at Semper Solaris, we're pretty sure there's a reason our past customers often consider us the best local Bakersfield heating company. Over the years, we've helped countless Bakersfield homes with their heating bills. No matter what you need, from furnace installation to air-con, we're here for you. Reach out to us today - we can't wait to help!

Your Top Choice for the Best Bakersfield HVAC Company

Whether you need heating or cooling for your home in Bakersfield, our team is here to help. After all, we never settle for less than the best. So, you can ensure your home remains comfortable and inviting all year round. Whether it's the hottest day of summer or the bleakest winter night, our Bakersfield furnace and air conditioning installation services will keep your home at its best.

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Heating & Air Conditioning

Top-Quality Bakersfield Furnace and Air Conditioning Installation Support

What makes our team a leading Bakersfield heating company? Well, you'd have to reach out to our thrilled past clients to know for sure. Still, we like to think there are a few reasons why so many people choose us for their own HVAC needs, including: Our dedication to quality: if it's not good enough for our own homes, it's not good enough for our clients' homes, too. Professionalism: no matter what challenges we face, we strive to deliver effective and professional support to every client Solutions you can count on: you shouldn't have to second guess when it comes to your HVAC systems. That's why all of our solutions are so highly praised, and they could also be the ideal options for you to consider.

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HVAC in the Bakersfield

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Did you know, the average home uses around 2 to 3 kilowatts of energy per hour? That's a substantial amount of power. Even more shockingly, our HVAC systems alone may use a large amount of that power. With this thought in mind, the importance of top-quality HVAC systems becomes clear. And luckily, this is where our experts can help.

Of course, we understand that every home is unique. So, why should your home have the same HVAC systems as any other? This was something we wanted to change. So, as a top-rated Bakersfield heating company, we strive to offer valuable, tailored solutions for every home, from furnace installation to cooling systems and more. Contact us today to see how we could help your home, too; we're here for you!

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Best HVAC Company in the Bakersfield

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Are you fed up with having little to no control over your energy bills? Want to save money on your power and officially declare your energy independence?
Team up with Semper Solaris today and become a part of the Solar Power Revolution!

Semper Solaris makes the process very streamlined and easy, so the permitting process is quick

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Helping Veterans One
System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.