Thinking About Going Solar in Citrus Heights? Here’s How | Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Roofing, HVAC

So, you have been thinking about a solar installation on your Citrus Heights home. You have asked yourself the questions — Why should I install solar? How will going solar benefit my family and me? Is it worth it? 

You have heard about the solar incentives and rebates available to Citrus Heights to offset the cost of installation. The price of installing solar has fallen considerably. And all your Citrus heights neighbors are installing solar, so why not you?


The first consideration when deciding whether solar power is right for you is to find out how much you can actually save on your energy costs. If you enter the information about your home at Project Sunroof, you will find the answer to that question. 

When you think about the ways you benefit from installing solar, from environmental to energy savings, You will no doubt realize that solar panels in your Citrus Heights home are the smart move to make. Why not take the plunge?

Semper Solaris is the best solar contractor in Citrus Heights. We have lots of options for homeowners, from equipment choices to financing options. Why not join your neighbors and install a solar power system for your home and reap the benefits?  


The first step in going solar is finding the best solar company in Citrus Heights. The company you want will offer a variety of top solar panels and equipment available. They will provide excellent warranties and stand behind their installations. They will have various financing options and will help you obtain the right incentives and rebates to lower your costs.  

Once you have found the right company for your solar installation, the process will begin with an evaluation of your property, an estimate of how much you will save, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. 

Once you give the nod, you will sign a contract and lease or loan papers, an engineer or technician will provide a more in-depth evaluation and assessment of your property.

Assessing Your Property for Solar

After you sign your solar contract and lease or loan, the installation will begin. An engineer or technician will perform a more in-depth assessment of your home.

  • The roofs structure and ability to hold the panels
  • Electric panel for compatibility with the solar panels
  • Shade and obstruction issues for placing of the panels
  • How much sunlight will be available for conversion to electricity

Paperwork and Permits for your Solar Installation

There is a lot of paperwork to cover before the actual installation begins. Your solar company will handle most of it for you. 

  • State and Federal Solar incentives
  • Solar Loans and financing
  • Building permits from City
  • Inspections by the city and utility company

After the paperwork and permits are done, it is time to design the system and order the equipment. Once the permits are approved (30 to 60 days), and the equipment arrives, it is time to install your solar panels. The installation will take about 2 or 3 days. 

And Now You Have Solar

Before you can flip the switch, both the city planning and the electric company will come to inspect your solar installation to make sure it meets all the regulations, is installed properly, and it is working correctly. 

When they give the thumbs up — final approval— the moment has arrived. A flip of the switch, — roof comes alive —your solar energy is online. Congratulations. You have gone solar.

Semper Solaris offers the best solar panel installation in Citrus Heights. Our equipment is from the most reliable and trusted manufacturers in the business. Finance your solar with our various financing options. We guarantee our work with a 25-year warranty. We have the experience, credentials, and expertise to make going solar an easy option.

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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