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Top Ranked Solar Panels for San Francisco Residents

Are you interested in installing solar panels to your home in San Francisco, but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for American made panels or panels that are assembled in the United States? At Semper Solaris, we have been rated as the best solar company in San Francisco. We can help you decide which solar panels are right for your family’s needs and budget. We also only provide American made materials for our projects.

Many Americans are concerned with the recent tariffs instituted in January 2018 by the current administration that increased the price of some items imported from China by around 30%.  How does this affect you, the consumer? 

Luckily, we have many great companies in the United States that we can support! We can help you decide which panel is best for your solar panel installation in San Francisco. At Semper Solaris, we want to install only the best panels available to you. Here is some basic information on solar panels and on some of the top manufacturers in the U.S. 

What is a solar panel made of?

Solar panels can be monocrystalline or polycrystalline. What this means is that the silicone is a single crystal or it has many silicon crystals melted together to form the cell. A panel made of a single crystal is always going to cost more, but it will be more efficient, and it will look black. Polycrystalline panels look speckled, and are not as efficient, but are still a great option.

What are some of the top panels available?

Some of the top panels available are manufactured or assembled in the United States. The following companies rank among the highest in efficiency and also carry the longest warranties available. These companies also manufacture or assemble some or all of their panels in the United States. We are proud to be able to provide the best solar installation in San Francisco to you, and we can install these products for you!

  1. Q-Cells: Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology with zero gap cell layout bo0sts module efficiency up to 20.9%
  2. Silfab: They run between almost 18%-20% efficient and have a 25-year warranty.

All five of these companies offer the highest efficiency, competitive pricing, and best warranties available, and we are honored to offer their products to you. Semper Solaris, a U.S. solar company in San Francisco, can install some of the top-ranked solar panels available! Call us to schedule a consultation with one of our qualified installers today! Remember that a bigger national solar installer may not have the lowest price, and consumers who shop around tend to save as much as 10% on their solar installation!

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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