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Solar panels can do more for the planet than you can imagine. They can benefit underserved communities. Semper Solaris is proud to work with our American-designed solar panels provider, which partners with a program called GRID Alternatives. With the goal of making renewable energy technology available to those in need through affordable or no-cost solar initiatives, GRID Alternatives helps people and the planet through solar technology.

GRID Alternatives has created several programs in order to benefit the community through solar power. Their core program involves providing affordable or no-cost solar for families with low incomes. They accomplish this objective through two incentive programs, the Low-Income Weatherization Program and the Single-Family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) program.

Solar Education and Training

Along with providing means for these families to be able to have solar power and dramatically reduce their electricity bills, GRID Alternatives places a high emphasis on training people to be able to work in the solar industry. Through education and hands-on training, GRID Alternatives provides jobs and equips people who may otherwise struggle to find employment in the solar industry. GRID Alternatives operates several programs with this emphasis: RISE, a diversity initiative in solar work; the National Women in Solar Initiative; SolarCorps, which partners with AmeriCorps; Troops to Solar Initiative; and more.

This comprehensive organization doesn’t stop there. GRID Alternatives also has a program that provides solar and solar installation training for Native American tribes in need, another program that recruits college students to install solar technology for those in need during their spring breaks, and a Multifamily Solar Housing program.

Where Solar Panels Serve Communities

GRID Alternatives’ effect goes beyond the United States. The organization has a powerful program based in Nicaragua where it builds solar systems for off-grid rural communities. These solar panels can provide consistent, lasting electricity for farms, schools, and medical clinics in these hard-to-reach communities. GRID Alternatives installs these systems with the help of volunteers and community members, and they continually return to the community to ensure that the systems are still beneficial.

The GRID Alternatives has served over 950 families since it began in 2006. The organization has installed over 2,300 kilowatts of energy, which means a combined $17 million savings in energy costs for the next 25 years, the average lifespan of American-designed solar power systems. This huge burden can be lifted off of families who struggle to make ends meet, and GRID Alternatives’ efforts can help them get that extra bit of money each month to pay for necessities.

The manufacturer of our American-designed solar panels also works in training and educating college students and K-12 students. With this training, these students can go on to get work in the solar industry or simply learn something new while helping their community!

At Semper Solaris, we install the best solar panels. And we believe that American-made and American-designed panels are the best — not only because of their durability and efficiency, but also because American-designed solar panels contribute to important causes in our community.

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Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

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