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Technology for storing energy has been around for decades. However, a battery storage unit for solar systems is quite new in the market. Solar batteries can provide economic benefits to homeowners in various ways. Solar power has become more accessible and affordable in the US unlike before.

Innovations are helping to solve problems for the consumers that are also impacting the environment. If you have solar panels or are thinking about installing them on your home, it is time that you start thinking about installing battery storage units such as the Tesla Powerwall. There are lots of benefits to it. Continue reading the post to know why you need battery storage with your solar panels.

What is a battery storage unit?

A battery energy storing unit systems are a set of rechargeable batteries. They store energy from your solar panels. And, provide the energy to meet the requirements both at home or business. Because these units are built with modern technologies, they can store a massive amount of energy produced by sunlight.

Battery storage units are capable of providing enough power to your home or office off-grid. Also, they provide backup power when there is an emergency caused by blackouts. Apart from the initial cost of purchasing the unit, they are cost-effective for a longer time.

How does the battery storage unit work?

Solar battery systems work by storing the excess energy from your solar panels. They can monitor your home electricity usage. The battery system automatically transfers the excess energy to the battery unit instead of sending them to the grid. The battery storage unit distributes the energy when there is a demand in your house.

The storage units work by converting the direct current energy produced by the solar panels and stores it as an alternate current for later use. If the battery unit has a higher capacity, it can retain energy more energy from the panels. Solar battery systems work in the following ways.

Charging – During the daytime, the battery storage unit gets charged by the energy generated by the solar panels.

Optimization – The intuitive software programs installed on the battery storage units make use of algorithms. As such, it coordinates with the solar production, utility structures, usage history, and weather patterns needed to optimize the stored energy.

Discharging – The stored energy is discharged from the storing units when there is s need to use. Thus, it helps to eliminate costs when there is demand.

Why do you need a battery storage unit?

If you install a solar battery system with your solar panels, you can store the excess energy from the sunlight rather than sending it to the power grid. When the panels create more electricity apart from what is needed, the excessive energy helps the battery unit to charge.

Energy goes back to the grid after the battery unit is completely charged. And, energy from the grid is drawn when the energy in the storage unit depletes. A battery storage unit is very necessary for some parts of the US where there are heavy blackouts because of certain reasons. Also, you can save a lot on utility bills when you bring home a battery unit.

How does a battery energy storage unit save you money?

When you install a solar system to power your house without a storage unit, the excess electricity your panels produce goes to the power grid. Solar panels make most of the energy during the daytime when the sun soars higher. However, people need more electricity during the evening hours.

But with the battery system installed, you can store the excess energy produced during the daytime is stored on the battery unit. You can use electricity in the evening when the energy costs are higher. The battery stores the energy for you to use it at appropriate hours. That way, it helps you a lot by saving on the utility bills.

What is the average lifespan of a solar battery unit?

On average, it is seen that a solar battery’s life can stay for about 5 to 15 years. Proper maintenance of the electrical equipment can have a drastic effect on longevity. It can even increase the life of the battery energy storage unit. Temperature can have a major impact on solar batteries. So, try to protect it from high temperatures and adverse climatic conditions.

Different kinds of solar batteries:

Batteries that are used for residential purposes are made with either lead-acid or lithium-ion. Between these two variants, lithium-ion batteries are the best option for your solar panels. However, the other kind of battery is more affordable.

Lead-acid battery type – These battery types have a short life along with a low DoD (depth of discharge) compared to other kinds of batteries. Also, they are one of the inexpensive options you can have on the market. If you want to get rid of the power grid and need to install a separate energy system for storage, lead-acid batteries can be your best choice.

Lithium-ion battery type – These kinds of batteries are more compact and lighter compared to the lead-acid battery units. They have a longer lifespan n comparison to the lead-acid battery types. Also, they have a higher depth of discharge. But lithium-ion batteries are quite expensive than their counterparts.

What is the depth of discharge?

DOD or depth of discharge means the battery percentage that gets discharged to the total capacity of the batteries. Take Tesla Powerwall as an example. If you have a unit that holds about 13.5 kWh (kilowatt-hours) of electricity and the discharge is about 13 kWh, the depth of discharge is 96% approximately.

When you frequently charge and discharge a battery, the lifespan gets shortened. Many manufacturers specify a recommended DOD for smooth performance.

Tesla Powerwall energy storage unit:

Tesla Powerwall integrates with your solar panels to store excessive electricity produced during the daytime. It makes the energy available to you when you need it most. This battery unit is weatherproof and requires no maintenance. That’s because it is an automated system. Powerwall detects power outages effectively, disconnects from the grid, and becomes the main energy source for your home. All your electric appliances run without interruption. For more information on the Tesla Powerwall and how battery storage can help you, feel free to contact Semper Solaris today.

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