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Why Is Solar Power the Best Option for Alternative Energy?

While there are plenty of energy options available to consumers, solar energy is emerging as one of the most effective. Energy harnessed from the sun’s rays is unique in that it is essentially “clean,” providing homeowners, schools, businesses, and all types of facilities with a renewable source of energy. California is one of the leaders in solar power production. In fact, it is leading the nation in number of projects installed, currently sitting at 842,977. California Legislature has even proposed that all of the state’s electricity resources come from renewable energy by 2045.

What does this mean for homeowners considering their energy options? As solar power continues to become a priority for California, the incentive to switch to solar grows more and more.

Fossil Fuels vs. Solar Energy

So what about the old, still heavily used energy source, fossil fuel? Most commonly, fossil fuels refer to natural gas, coal, and oil. Collectively, these fossil fuels have accounted for a majority of the earth’s energy usage. Drilling for these natural resources can be costly and damaging to the earth’s surface, water sources, and more. Not only that, but we are coming dangerously close to depleting many of our main sources of fuels. That means either investing a significant amount of time and money mining for additional resources or finding a new source of energy.

At the end of the day, no matter how useful we’ve found fossil fuels in the past, society cannot ignore the fact that fossil fuels create serious pollution. Fossil fuels are not renewable and take much longer to form vs. the rate we are using them. What exactly does the pollution problem look like? Around 21.3 billion tons of CO2 every year, which is considered to be a global warming contributor by scientists.

Solar Changes the Energy Game

Solar power is changing the game though. By converting sunlight into electricity through solar panel systems, people all over California (and the country) have access to a much cleaner source of energy. But how do we get the equipment to harvest the sun’s power? It is true that solar panels are manufactured using some fossil fuels at this point, however, it is a very minimal amount compared to utilizing fossil fuels for all electricity needs.

As PV panel prices continue to drop and more innovation drives the way solar panels are manufactured, the process will get much cleaner. Not only that, but the financial advantages of switching to primarily renewable energy (both wind and solar) significantly outweigh the expense of harvesting and using fossil fuels in the long-run. In comparison with other renewable energy sources, solar power is the most accessible for homeowners. Panels can affordably be installed based on a family’s budget, home size, and overall electricity needs. This means a clean earth has never been more accessible and affordable to our modern world.

So why wait? Find out how you can make the switch to solar today. Contact Semper Solaris to learn more about our team and our solar options.

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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