Top 10 Cities in America For Solar Production – San Diego Leads the Way

In the state of California, solar power is becoming more and more popular. In fact, cities like San Diego have embraced solar power completely, and California solar energy users outnumber those in other states by a wide margin in many cases. Out of the top 10 solar-producing cities in the country, four of them are among California solar producers, and San Diego has been recognized as the leading solar-producing city in America.

There’s no denying that California solar power leads the way in alternative energy production. Semper Solaris is proud to service San Diego, the leading city of solar power production in the United States.

Top 10 Cities for Solar

If you’re considering solar panels for home use and you live in the San Diego area, join the countless others who have already made the switch to California solar energy. Check out Semper Solaris to find out what a solar installation for your home could look like.

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