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During a blackout, your solar panel system halts automatically. Not only is this a safety precaution, but it also protects the repairmen as they try to fix the problem. Some people might opt to purchase a generator – either a small one that powers several essential appliances or a large one that will power the whole office or home. While this is an excellent way to fix your power outage issues, there is another better alternative: the Tesla Powerwall.

If you’ve not heard of it, the Tesla Powerwall is a solar battery that can be fitted with your PV panel system. It allows your home to self-power during the day or night. This will keep your home or office powered during power cuts, and it also comes in handy if you want to reduce your dependence on the grid.

Though is the Tesla Powerwall worth it?

This second-generation solar battery backup will deliver enough power for your residence, though this solely depends on your power usage. The Tesla Powerwall is a game-changer, and here in this review, we will give you more than enough reasons why you should have it in your home.

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  1. Week’s worth of electricity

In this industry, even the most potent generators have their limits. For instance, the most environment-friendly generator is the propane generator; its limitation comes in the propane tank’s size and the number of propane tanks you have set aside. A propane tank might offer you the power you need for a day or more, and this depends mostly on the number of appliances you have linked to it. On the other hand, if you want to power up your house for seven or more days, you will need to have more than a few propane tanks in reserve.

Nonetheless, the best solution for this kind of situation is the Tesla Powerwall battery. With their 2-battery installation recommendation, your whole house will be powered for a week or more! How? By utilizing the already generated and stored solar energy which is given precedence over the tertiary power supply.

Apart from extreme natural disasters that last long, seven days is a lot of time for the utility to hold you down before the power is fixed.

  1. Avoid high utility bills

During certain times, energy firms usually increase their rates, and energy cost is continually rising. With this iconic solar battery, you can avoid these increased rates and peak fees. Even when the solar panels are not generating energy, your home will still be powered up on the energy stored by the Tesla Powerwall.

Confirm if your utility provides time-of-use charges, which let you utilize cheaper solar energy that you have already produced and stored in your Tesla Powerwall. This enables you to avoid the high electric bills during the periods when it is pricier.

  1. Assess your energy consumption rate

The Powerwall installation comes with a comprehensive energy assessment solution for your house. You can always monitor how your house generates and utilizes energy at a given time. What’s more, with the Tesla app, you can check on your home or office energy system at any given time.

  1. Safeguard your home

This is among the most attractive benefits of the Tesla Powerwall: shielding your home when there is a disaster. If storms hit your neighbor, your solar battery will keep your home running. Besides, the Powerwall can connect you to the National Weather Service. When you enable the Storm Watch feature, your solar battery can prioritize charging in advance due to the severe weather. Then again, the Powerwall will do its thing after seconds of a power outage.

  1. It is all-automatic

This is another excellent reason why you should get the Tesla Powerwall: the whole system is automatic. In case of a blackout, the grid shuts down, which means it cuts off your home power supply, including the solar supply. Once this occurs, the Powerwall instantly starts working, and it is so fast, you might not even recognize there’s a blackout.

With the other power backup methods, you need to get involved manually to power up your home. This is the case for a solar inverter or generator; you have to manually turn them on and wait for approximately two minutes before the lights are back on. If you are utilizing a generator, you have to be ready by always having backup fuel. However, every time you swap or refill it, you will lose power during the procedure.

  1. Commitment to going green

Different individuals have different reasons for using solar systems. From reducing their utility bills to bettering their environment to having lights in times of disaster, these are all valid reasons. At times, it is even because you want to stop utilizing electricity from the grid. Most of the time, it is somewhere between these four reasons.

For whatever reason, you have decided to invest in solar energy, and the Tesla Powerwall backup battery, you are maintaining your commitment to going green. In case of a power outage, you will still manage to run your office or home on the solar-powered backup batteries for seven or more days, depending on your power consumption rate.

Final word

With most of the world becoming very reliant on the production and utilization of electricity as the generation of alternative fuel options reduces increasingly, it is only right that people develop dependable alternatives.

Some of the best worldwide manufacturers in this industry have engaged in the race to produce and retail products that will fill the gap in energy and energy resources shortage.

Among the top competitors in this race is the electric vehicle Manufacturers Tesla Motors. This firm has manufactured several products which help produce significant energy amounts to cover most of your needs. Furthermore, their high-quality products also reduce the energy production costs for a much more affordable living; and the Tesla Powerwall backup solar battery is one of their products. Well, there you have it, why you should have the Tesla Powerwall for your home!

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