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Our Providers' Solar Modules

Our providers are known for their world-class manufacturing, stringent research, and high development standards. They build high-efficiency and high-power residential and commercial solar panels that are backed by 25-year limited product and performance warranties.

Why Choose Our Providers’ Solar Panels For Your System?

Installing a solar power system has many benefits. Everyone knows that solar energy is great for the environment, but what are some of the more immediate benefits that affect you personally?

High-Quality, Great Value Panels that Help you Save Money

Solar can save you money since you are generating your own electricity and you do not need to rely on you electric company. You control your energy usage and costs, especially with a solar battery storage system. Plus, high-quality solar panels, like the ones offered by Our providers, are a reliable energy source. Seasons and weather may vary, but the amount of energy produced by these high-efficiency solar panels is predictable. These modules produce power in the morning and late afternoon when you and your family are more likely to be at home. Utility companies typically charge more during these times.

Clean energy is generated by solar panels by creating usable electricity from sunlight. Solar inverters convert the variable direct current (DC) out into an alternating current (AC), which can be used in your home for things like appliances or your home cooling or heating system. Excess electricity can either be store in a solar battery storage solution for later use or fed back into the grid via a digital meter. Net energy metering (NEM) is the process of storing energy in the electric grid in exchange for credits on your utility bill.

Our Providers’ Solar Modules are able to produce the same amount of electricity with fewer modules than modules with lower efficiency, which saves installation space and reduces the number of modules necessary to power your home or business.

Solar Panels Built Strong to Last Through Harsh Conditions

High-Quality solar panels are strong, efficient, and durable. Our providers’ solar modules can handle winds up to 180mph. For reference, Hurricane Katrina produced winds up to 175mph. They can handle 112 pounds per square foot (PSF) of snow. One inch of ice weighs up to 5 PSF and 1 foot of ice weigh around 57 PSF. Concerned about the heat? Our providers solar modules are built to perform well in high temperature conditions.

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