Should You Get a Battery Backup With Solar Panels

Should You Get a Battery Backup With Solar? | Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Roofing, HVAC

In 2021, experts expected the number of Americans using residential solar panels to triple by 2030. This makes sense as there are so many benefits Americans can derive from this technology. It can lower a home’s monthly energy bill, protect it from blackouts, and more.

Are the benefits of solar energy convincing you? Are you thinking of making a home solar system in El Cajon soon? If so, you may forget one thing that you probably need: a battery for solar storage.

There are a lot of ways you can benefit from having a solar battery in El Cajon. Read on to learn more.

Energy in the Dark

What will happen to your battery-less solar system if the El Cajon area experiences a blackout at night? It’s the same thing that happens when your area loses power during a natural disaster that occurs under a cloudy sky.

Solar Systems Won’t Work

In these situations, your solar panels can’t produce energy. You’ll then be without power for as long as the blackout in your area lasts. If your area is experiencing a natural disaster, you could be without power for days.

Use Battery Power

However, this will be less of an issue if your solar system has battery storage. Your electrical system will draw its power from the power the battery collected. This won’t last forever, but it should last long enough to help you think of a backup plan.

Helps You Go Off-Grid

People who go off-grid separate themselves from their area’s energy grid entirely. One reason people do this is because they don’t want their homes to rely on any fossil fuels

for their power needs. Others may not want to have a monthly electric bill.

Batteries Are a Must

Going off-grid is near impossible when a home’s solar system doesn’t have a way to store excess energy. Solar systems don’t work 24/7. Off-grid households will need to get by without power during the night.

If you’re planning on going off-grid, get solar battery storage. Otherwise, you’ll need to manage without electricity at night.

Quieter Than a Generator 

A lot of people may consider using a generator as a backup power source for their solar power system. This can work. However, generators are very noisy and may keep you up at night.

Batteries Are Quieter

Solar system batteries are far quieter than generators. They only make the sound of a humming refrigerator. You will be able to get to sleep when your battery is working through the night.

Get Your Solar Battery in El Cajon From Us

As you can see, solar batteries are an essential part of any solar system. To experience quietness and no power issues, you need to get a solar battery.

Are you in El Cajon? If so, you can learn about the best batteries for solar power storage and get a solar battery in El Cajon from us. Call Semper Solaris, your local and veteran-owned solar company that has won several awards.

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