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Powering Acton With Sunshine

California is known for its long, sunny, summer days, and the city of Acton could be the sunshine city in this Sunshine State. Summer temperatures in Acton can soar, forcing homeowners to turn on the AC just to keep from melting.

As those temperatures rise, so do utility and electric bills and if you’re not drowning in the heat because you turned on the AC, you end up drowning in bills. 

If that’s you, take a moment to think about this:

Did you know with the energy that comes from just an hour of the sun striking earth we could supply the whole world with power for a year?

Sunshine is abundant and renewable which goes without saying, solar power is as well. Even though we’re only able to harness a little bit of this immense power, it just goes to show how renewable and abundant that power is.

Solar panels are a good way to use the energy of the sun for your own home’s electricity. When in use, solar panels produce energy without waste or emissions and do so through a natural process called photovoltaics. Other energy sources, like fossil fuel, deposits are limited and scattered, but sunshine in California, and in your Acton hometown, is renewable and plentiful with each sunrise. With an average of 3,348 of 4,383 hours of sunshine a year, your Acton home is practically begging you to go solar. It’s the smarter, cheaper, and better option for energy needs.

Going Solar to Cut Costs

After the initial purchase and installation of your solar panels, your house will literally be producing the energy you need on its own. This can allow you to either substantially decrease or even eliminate completely that rising electrical bill. Though it might be scary to consider the initial cost of going solar, it’s effectiveness in future savings can’t be overstated.

Solar panels need very little maintenance, except to be rinsed or washed with a garden hose a couple times a year. They are made durable and come with a manufacturer warranty in case there are any damages within the first 25 years with Semper Solaris. Along with the warranty, our Acton Semper Solaris’ solar maintenance team in Acton will be there to fix and adjust any maintenance problems or concerns. Without the cost of constant upkeep, it’s like getting electricity each day for free.

In fact, your panels will actually hit a point in which they’ve paid for themselves, and you begin to save. As the cost of electricity continues to go up each year, you’ll actually be saving more as the years progress. Solar panels on average take around six years to completely be paid off, this can vary, making them a smart and quick investment that saves you money immediately and increases those savings each year.

Not only can you save, but solar batteries give you the opportunity to sell your excess energy back to the grid. With a solar battery, the energy that exceeds the battery storage capacity will automatically be sold back to the grid. Semper Solaris is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer and also offers Enphase Encharge Battery as solar battery storage options, giving their customers the best of the best.

Stay Local 

As an Acton household owner, you understand that the locally owned businesses are often the most trustworthy. The same can be said about our solar company in Acton. On the other hand, trusting generic solar companies for your solar panel installation can be dangerous. Installation is complex and requires an experienced hand, especially one that is familiar with the area or city. Without the proper expertise, you risk damaging your roof or property, investing in faulty products, or incorrectly installing the solar panels which could lead to malfunctions.

That is why it’s better to trust the professionals at the best solar company in Acton, CA – Semper Solaris. We understand and seek to meet your preferences as you make the transition to solar. Our contractors and installation crews have experience with all types of solar installation in Acton, so you can have peace of mind throughout the process.

We also promise to provide you with the best service you can find. Our experts are ready to walk you through each step of the process. We want to provide the answers to any and all questions, concerns or doubts you may have about going solar with Semper Solaris.

We take pride in our service and can honestly say that your customer experience with Semper Solaris will be unparalleled. You are our number one priority, and your goals are our goals. Other solar companies actually look to us to emulate our unique service. You deserve the best, and that’s what we guarantee because we are the best solar company in Acton.

At Semper Solaris, we tailor each solar experience to you. Every customer is different, and we want your solar experience to fit you, your goals, and your household. Talk with one of our representatives to get more information on how you can begin the solar experience with the best solar company in Acton!

Start saving with your local and trusted Acton solar company today. Stay cool throughout the warm Acton summer, and let that powerful sun blazing high in the sky power your home, your savings, and your future with Semper Solaris.

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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