Twilight view of the city of Riverside, from Mount Rubidoux Park

Twilight view of the city of Riverside, from Mount Rubidoux Park

Solar, Roofing & Battery Storage in Riverside

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Riverside Solar Company

277 is a very significant number if you’re considering going solar in Riverside, California.



That’s the average days of sunshine Riverside gets per year. Riverside’s 277 days of sunshine means that you’re supplied with a lot of solar energy that you should be utilizing! Harnessing the sun’s renewable energy is a huge utility saver anywhere, but even more so in Riverside!


Getting Solar Panels Should be Easy

Here at Semper Solaris, we practice a lot of customer-first philosophies, but one thing in particular always stands out to our customers - we walk you through each step of the solar installation process.


We’ll help you breakdown and understand your home’s unique energy needs and we’ll create a customized plan to installing solar panels onto your roof.

Choosing a Local Solar Contractor is the Right Choice

Installing solar panels isn’t complicated, but installing a solar panel system that’s compliant with your local electrical grid and municipal laws requires a lot of know-how. Specifically, you’ll want to choose a local solar contractor who has performed a lot of solar installations specific to your area.


Why is the City of Riverside unique when it comes to electricity?

Riverside is one of the few cities in California that has its own municipal electrical grid. This means that Riverside’s electrical codes and rates operate separately from the surrounding electrical grid system of other cities in Riverside County. This is important to know when choosing a solar contractor because many out-of-town solar companies have never installed a solar energy system into Riverside’s electrical grid. Although many contractors may be experienced, most are inexperienced in connecting a solar system into a municipal grid which can lead to a lot of problems down the road. Make sure your solar energy provider is local and knows your electrical grid!

Orange garden in Riverside

Riverside Public Utilities (RPU)

Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) is the city of Riverside’s municipal electric company. RPU is dedicated to California’s solar initiative and offers solar rebates and incentives to help with your home solar installation. In fact, Riverside Public Utility Rebates are some of the finest in the state of California!

Net Energy Metering with Riverside Public Utilities

Riverside Public Utilities also offers a net energy metering program which allows you to sell any surplus energy generated from your new solar panel system back to the grid. With RPU’s NEM Interconnection Agreement, you may even start seeing negative balance electric bills! Pair this with our Semper Solaris solar battery storage solutions and you can maximize your income from your new solar panels.

Solar Financing in Riverside

Solar financing in Riverside, California is as easy as ever. Just like the utility companies, financial lenders are incentivised by the state of California to make solar financing as easy as possible.

Solar Financing Options

As a homeowner, you have plenty of options when it comes to solar panel financing. Most of these options are $0 down and payments can be lower than your average electric bill.


PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Financing
PACE programs allow homeowners like you to apply for a loan for your new solar system. You pay this loan back through normal property tax bills over the course of 5 to 20 years. This means you can get started right away with your solar installation with no upfront costs while adding to the value of your property in the long-term.

Acquiring PACE financing is easy!

First, you’ll need a professional solar installation company like Semper Solaris to evaluate your home and give you a solar quote. You’ll then completes a simple application for approval of that amount. Once approved, the installation is completed and PACE pays the installer for the solar system after you say it is completed to your satisfaction. The money is then paid back as part of your property tax bill over the course of 5 to 20 years (at a competitive interest rate). Should you choose to sell your house, the solar energy system and tax liability is transferred to the new owner.


Contact Semper Solaris today to get started with your new solar power system!

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