Complete furnace replacement for as low as 39.99 per month.

Best Heating and Air Conditioning in Temecula

Semper Solaris now offers Heating and Air Conditioning services in Temecula. After many years of installing solar power for homeowners, we know how people use electricity, how much they use, and what it costs. An energy-efficient HVAC based on the new technology can work in tandem with solar to increase efficiency, air quality, and savings.

Households can spend a large percentage of their income on energy costs, and many families are struggling to pay their bills. Heating and Air Conditioning is the most significant portion of the electric bill, making it the highest home expense. Switching to an energy-efficient Heating and Air Conditioning system will reduce your electric bill significantly.

Semper Solaris is the best Heating and Air conditioning contractor in Temecula to help you keep more of your money in your pocket while reducing your carbon footprint. We have many options for HVAC systems available. Our technicians are the best HVAC specialists in the business. They will work with you to achieve maximum energy efficiency and savings in your home.

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Repair or Replace Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

Maintaining your HVAC system and having it inspected and tuned up every year will keep it running at its very best and avoid costly repairs. We offer maintenance and repair services for your HVAC unit, old or new. If you have problems with your HVAC, either heating or cooling, we will come and inspect your system and help you decide if repair or replacement is the better option.

If your unit is over ten years old, even if it is running well, you can benefit from installing the new energy-efficient HVAC. The unit will pay for itself many times over.

Air conditioning

If your air conditioning is not working to your liking, as it should, Semper Solaris can inspect your A/C, diagnose the problem, and make necessary repairs.

Signs of a faulty A/C

  • No cool air
  • Low or no airflow
  • Moisture or leakage
  • Unusual sounds

These problems can also be a sign you need to replace your HVAC system. If your air conditioning unit is over ten years old, a new energy-efficient HVAC system could be the best option for you. The system will pay for itself with the savings on electricity. And you will stay cooler in the summer along with the energy savings.

And with the added benefit of the newer, cleaner coolants used in HVAC, you will have cleaner air and reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Semper Solaris is the best heating and air conditioning contractor in Temecula. We can help you find the right HVAC system for your home with our many options, expert services, and the highest quality products.


Be warm and toasty on those cold frosty days and nights. Schedule regular inspection and maintenance to keep your furnace in optimum operating condition. If your furnace is not working properly, it may be time for furnace repair or replacement.

A faulty furnace can be dangerous and the cause of carbon monoxide in the air. And it can lead to more issues in the future. If your furnace is ten years or older, you might consider a new, energy-efficient system that will burn cleaner and safer and give you peace of mind with the mandated for furnaces.

Signs of a faulty furnace

  • No warm air
  • Uneven temperatures
  • High heating bill
  • Dusty and musty

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it may be time to call Semper Solaris to evaluate whether repairs or replacement is the best option for your home. We are experienced in the replacement of furnaces of all sizes and trained in matching the correct size furnace with your home. Installing the wrong size can lead to ineffective heating of your home.

HVAC and Solar: A winning combination

Heating & Air Conditioning and Solar Power go together for the highest energy efficiency and environmental considerations. The addition of solar power to energy-efficient Heating and Air Conditioning system can reduce the cost of a solar installation by reducing the number of solar panels you need to achieve energy savings.

Installing solar panels in Temecula, along with a new HVAC system, will reduce it even more. If you already have a solar panel system, then it will be a breeze to add the HVAC to go with your solar savings. Run your Air condition all summer long without the exorbitant electric bills of the past. Put the money back in your pocket with Semper Solaris, the best heating and air conditioning company in Temecula.

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.