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How much does a home solar power system cost?

Top Questions About Solar Panels

You have the freedom to choose American made solar panels,but there are a number of things to know.

How Much Do Solar Panels for a Home Cost?

One of the first questions most homeowners ask when it comes to installing solar panels for a home is: “How much will it cost?”. The real question is, “how much do solar panels save?

Solar panels are a big investment, but they will ideally pay for themselves over time. Tax credits, price discounts, and other incentives can also make the price tag more appealing. The ultimate cost of solar panels for your home, including solar installation, depend on the following factors:

  • Home location
  • Average household power usage throughout the year
  • The finance option you choose
  • Available tax credits
  • Your utility company
  • Discounts provided by your solar installation company
  • The cost of solar panels per square foot is also a factor, especially for larger homes.

The solar company you choose to work with will review all of these factors with you and can recommend a solar power system that fits your budget and is sized to meet your home’s power needs. The company will then search out tax credits, offer available discounts, and provide financing options to make payment as easy as possible for your budget. Semper Solaris is veteran owned, and a veteran employer; meaning you’ll get the job done American style.

Semper How Much Do Solar Panels Cost

At Semper Solaris, we gladly offer a variety of discounts to our customers and can talk to you about which ones best fit your needs.

Breaking Down the Cost of Solar Panels in California

The true cost of solar panels for a home includes more than just the price of the panels themselves. You’ll also need to take into consideration the cost of accompanying parts and all aspects of the installation and setup process.

Additional costs often include:

  • Solar inverter – Converts the energy your solar panels absorb from the sun into a current that can be fed into the electrical grid
  • Framing system – Secures the panels to your roof
  • Permits and paperwork
  • Installation services provided by trained professionals

Putting Solar Panels on Your Home Has A High Return on Investment.

It may seem like solar panels for your home come with a hefty price tag, but don’t overlook the bigger picture. Your investment will start paying for itself as soon as those panels start soaking up the sunlight.

Your solar panels can cut your monthly electricity bill drastically. They can also make it more affordable to increase your electricity usage if you plan on purchasing an electric vehicle in the future or putting in a temperature-controlled pool or hot tub.

Those savings go right back into your pocket. As electricity rates continue to rise your savings will only increase over the life of your array.

Of course, the only way to really know the cost of a solar energy system for your home is to request a personalized solar panel quote. Contact Semper Solaris and schedule a free energy analysis. We are a veteran-owned, award-winning solar energy company proud to serve communities across California.

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