How Long Do Solar Panels Last

How Long Do Solar Panels Last? | Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Roofing, HVAC


According to a survey, 39% of people have given serious thought to going solar over the past year. Are you one of them? What’s holding you back? 

For many people, the uncertainty of the solar panel lifespan is a hurdle. They understand the benefits of solar panels, but they aren’t ready to commit if they aren’t sure they’ll be worth it long-term.

We’re here to talk about how long you can expect solar panels to last with proper care and maintenance, as well as how to prolong that lifespan and choose the best solar panels for your home. Read on to learn more. 

What’s the Average Solar Panel Lifespan? 

So how long do solar panels last? It’s currently unclear exactly how long solar panels can last. Most solar panels on homes are still quite new, but we do have some estimates to share. 

In theory, solar panels can last from 25 to 30 years on average, but some experts claim that the average is closer to 35 years. This may depend on the type of solar panels you’re using as well as how well you maintain them.

This is an incredibly long time. That’s over two decades of saving money while you do your part for the environment. 

Over time, solar panels might lose a small amount of their efficiency. Efficiency refers to how well the solar panels can convert sunlight into electricity.

However, this decline is usually gradual and not very noticeable. After 25 to 30 years, solar panels may still work at almost-full efficiency.

Prolonging the Life of Your Solar Panels

Taking good care of solar panels can help extend their lifespan and maintain their efficiency. Keeping them clean and free from debris, like leaves or snow, is essential to ensure they work at their full potential.

Some solar panel owners schedule regular check-ups with professionals to make sure everything is in good working order.

Choosing the right solar panel option for your home can also help. 

How to Choose the Best Solar Panels

Look for solar panels that have a warranty from the manufacturer. A longer warranty period often indicates a more reliable solar panel setup.

Look for customer reviews and testimonials about the solar panels you’re considering. Reviews from actual users can provide helpful information about the performance and reliability of the panels.

Take the time to educate yourself about solar energy and the components of a solar panel system. Understanding how solar panels work and what to look for will help you make the right decision and help you keep your panels in good condition in the future.

Are You Ready to Go Solar? 

If you’re looking for a long-term way to save money on your energy bills each month while you shrink your carbon footprint, going solar may be the right option for you. The best solar panels can keep your home eco-friendly for decades to come. 

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