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How Long Does a new roof take

How Long Does Re-Roofing a House Take?

So you’ve noticed the signs that a roof replacement is needed. Now what? Figuring out how long a roof replacement is going to take can be important, especially if you want to get your home back and out of a construction zone as soon as possible.

What to Expect During a Roof Replacement Project

One of the most important things to remember – expect the unexpected. While your contractor will likely do their best to give you an accurate timeline, exposure to the elements means roofing projects can be impacted by all sorts of unexpected factors. Also, some projects may appear straightforward initially until a roofing contractor inspects the property and realize they have a much more complicated project on their hands. That means giving a concrete timeline for any roof replacement can initially be difficult.

Of course, once your contractor has good bearings on your project, they should be able to break down an expected timeline for you so that you can plan accordingly.

Factors Impacting Time for Roof Replacements

On average, re-roofing a house can be as quick as a few hours to as long as a few weeks. What makes this timeline fluctuate so much?

The following factors can greatly impact the time of a roof replacement project:


  • Weather, including high winds
  • Custom features such as chimneys or design elements
  • Extent of damage
  • Type of work being done (partial vs. total re-roofing)
  • Local building codes and inspection requirements
  • Materials being used (clay tile or slate vs. asphalt shingles)


Generally speaking, a typical home re-roofing without any major days, homeowners should expect the project to last a few days. The best bet for an accurate timeline? Talk to several contractors about the specific details of your re-roofing project. Compare the different timelines and always allow several days for unexpected issues, like high winds, rain etc.

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