A guide to solar cookers

A Guide to Solar Cookers | Solar Panels, Battery Storage, Roofing, HVAC

Solar cookers are devices that use energy directly from sunlight to heat or cook food and drinks. There are many different styles of solar cookers that are currently in use and most are low cost, low tech devices. There are however some solar cookers that are extremely advanced and powerful and can cost as much as a traditional oven. Solar cookers are environmentally friendly as they do not use fuel or need electricity to operate. Because of this, many organizations promote the use of solar cookers to reduce air pollution and fuel costs as well as slowing deforestation caused by gathering wood for cooking. Solar cooking is often used in areas where the risk of fire accidents is high, or where the minimal consumption of fuel is important.

How Solar Cookers Work

Different types of solar cookers generally follow the same basic principles of operation but can vary slightly depending on the type of cooker in use. Typically, food for a solar cooker is prepared the same way as it would be for a traditional oven. It is recommended that food to be placed in a solar cooker be cut or broken into smaller pieces, allowing it to cook faster. For simple cooking, food can simply be placed in a bowl or on a tray, uncovered. If you are cooking several foods that need to be separated, then they are placed in several different containers. The container of food is then placed in the solar cooker. The solar cooker can be elevated on a metal trivet, rock, or brick, and should be placed directly in the sunlight. If the cooker is placed correctly, then the shadow of the cooker will not overlap with the shadow of any objects nearby.

Solar cookers are simply placed in direct sunlight and left to work until the food is finished cooking unlike cooking over a fire or on a stove which can require constant supervision. Generally, it is unnecessary to stir or turn food in a solar cooker as it can cause heat to escape which can increase cooking time. Cooking times can vary depending on the performance of the solar cooker in addition to local weather conditions.

Types of Solar Cookers

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Cookers

There are several advantages and disadvantages to using solar cookers to prepare food.



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