Tesla Powerwall Saves Lives

One of the essential uses of battery storage is its ability to power home medical equipment. In cases of medical conditions that require CPAP machines to be equipped 24/7, Tesla Powerwall can be a lifesaver.

Back-Up Home Medical Equipment with Tesla Powerwall

Are you a homeowner who relies on electricity-powered medical equipment, such as a CPAP machine? Do you live in a fire zone?

California residents may qualify for a humanitarian rebate that covers up to $26,400 for two Tesla Powerwall batteries. If you’re located in a fire zone and have either a prescribed medical device such as a CPAP or a medical condition that is life-threatening, then you can receive a rebate that covers the entire cost of the install of two Tesla Powerwall batteries.

With a durable Tesla Powerwall battery storage solution you can take your in-home medical therapy off the grid. Tesla Powerwall can provide power for in-home medical equipment, such as CPAP machines to treat sleep apnea. Like solar panels, CPAP machines operate on DC power and use an inverter to convert into AC energy before it reaches the machine to power it through the night. With battery storage installed in your home you can store the energy you produce to power your at-home care systems such as a CPAP machine and all electric-powered medical equipment.

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Tesla Powerwall Delivers Savings and Security

Tesla Powerwall provides 7+ days of continuous power during an outage. With smart battery storage systems like Tesla Powerwall, you can control the amount of energy you use during peak-hours. You can store any extra energy generated to power your CPAP machine day and night.

Semper Solaris tech with Tesla Powerwall

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