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SDG&E Bolsters Renewable Energy with New Solar Battery Storage Facilities

Under California’s new energy storage mandates, SDG&E is required to create solar battery storage facilities for a total of 331 megawatts. So far, SDG&E has been granted approval for 5 facilities, which will cover about 83.5 megawatts, while currently a 30-megawatt battery storage center is already in function. The locations for the facilities include Escondido,…

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powerwall tesla

Full Review of Tesla Powerwall: Solar Battery Storage

Several years ago, Elon Musk steered Tesla Motors into the renewable energy market with an innovative home energy storage product – Tesla Powerwall. This home battery is designed with the same dedication to detail and innovation as Tesla’s cutting-edge electric vehicles and other ventures. While Tesla certainly didn’t invent solar storage batteries, they certainly used their…

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Power Purchase Agreement

Grid-Tied Solar Power Systems vs. Battery Storage Systems

There has been a rising interest in solar battery storage in recent years. While most homes are still tied to power grids, a solar battery would allow homeowners to move closer to being “off the grid” for good. For most, the allure of complete autonomy when it comes to electricity production and usage is very…

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