California Solar Power


What Are the Benefits of Using Solar Providers Near Me?

“The solar industry is booming.” That’s according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), which found that the solar industry has grown by an average annual rate of 59% over the last ten years. The rise in solar installation has spurred the appearance of many different solar installers, including large, national chains. If you’re in…

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Federal Solar Tax Credit 2018

Tax Credit System Extended Until 2020

The cost of solar panels in California just got more affordable thanks to a tax credit extension. The investment tax credit system has recently been extended to 2020, bringing massive support to America’s wind and solar capacity. The extension will even generate over 100,000 new jobs. Eligible home and business owners could receive a 30-percent…

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Jar full of change sitting on top of a pile of bills

How Much Are Solar Panels in California vs. Other States?

The first question almost every homeowner wants to know when they’re thinking about going solar is – how much are solar panels? A solar power system is a big investment, and cost can be a deciding factor for many homeowners. Solar power system costs will depend on a number of aspects, including the size of…

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8 Times California Solar Power Shattered Records

8 Times California Solar Power Shattered Records

“California dreaming” is a famous catchphrase, but our state doesn’t linger in wistfulness. Instead, we dream big and then we go big. Our state isn’t afraid to embrace change and lead the pack. Nowhere is this sentiment truer than in how our politicians, institutions, businesses, and citizens have embraced California solar power and other sources…

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Woman comparing quotes on the cost of solar panels in California

How to Compare the Cost of Solar Panels in California

Have you noticed solar panels dotting a lot of the roofs in your neighborhood? If you want in on solar energy, you likely have some questions before you take out your checkbook. As you research solar panels in California, you’ll notice that you have dozens of brands to choose from. And each solar panel brand…

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Solar panel farm on a sunny day

Learn About the Awesome History of California Solar Power

California is a big state filled with big ideas and great people. Here in the Golden State, we’re not afraid to take the lead in tackling thorny problems or try innovative solutions. You could say that our “sunny” disposition inspires us to embrace new ideas. So it’s no surprise that we were one of the…

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Veterans finding employment at san diego solar company

Veterans Finding Their Place as Semper Solaris Employees

Installing California solar panels is a smart choice that will harness the power of the shining West Coast sun and transform it into useful electricity to power homes or businesses. At Semper Solaris, we are proud to staff many veterans, giving them a career they can be proud of as well. We hire veterans from…

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