Circuit Relocation on your Battery Storage Unit: What to Expect

What’s next now that your battery storage unit has been installed? Well, some more electrical work is needed. Typically, additional electrical work is necessary when installing batteries. The most common work that we do for battery storage is something called “Circuit Relocation”.

Taking the circuits out of the service panel and relocate them to a dedicated center or sub panel is what we refer to as “circuit relocation”. This new location is commonly found behind the automatic transfer switch or battery’s gateway.

Why would you relocate circuits for a battery storage project? When the power goes out it is imperative that all of the circuits that need to be powered by the battery are isolated from the grid. If they aren’t, you can’t back them up. Since we are on the home’s side of the panel we do not need to touch the utility lines, meter, or reach out to utility companies.

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