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Investing in our Future Generation!

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Since 2012, Semper Solaris has been helping homeowners in California lower their energy bills with Solar Panels + Battery Storage, Roofing, Heating & Air.

Now in 2021, our focus has been set on investing in exceptional high school and college students who are dedicated to helping our planet by using alternative energy.

Semper Solaris Scholarship | Program Overview

Have you ever been interested in alternative energy such as solar? Now’s the time!

Enter the Semper Solaris Scholarship essay contest and you’ll have a chance to win thousands of dollars in scholarship prize money towards your education.

Semper Solaris has held contests for students interested in alternative energy since 2019, awarding over $10,000 in total prize money each year!

This year (2021), we will award more than $20,000 to student winners including top prizes for college students at $3000.

Semper Solaris is committed to aiding and awarding as many students as we can.

However, due to the large number of applications and our limited resources, we are able to award only a small percentage of applicants each contest.

Semper Solaris Scholarship | Contest Details

Semper Solaris is a Veteran-Owned residential solar power installation company based in California that offers a variety of services including Solar + Battery Storage, Roofing, & Heating and Air. The company is known for hiring military veterans within the solar industry, as well as its focus on American culture in its marketing. Semper Solaris is dedicated to a world that runs on 100% renewable energy and has played a major role in California’s transition to solar energy.

Semper Solaris is also involved in many philanthropic initiatives, partnering with nonprofits such as Warrior Foundation Freedom Station to offer solar energy to veterans in need at no cost. Students are the future of solar energy’s advancement and Semper Solaris would like to offer multiple opportunities for a scholarship to students that can offer creative insights into the future of renewable energy.

College Students will have 4 opportunities each year to win
a top prize of $3000 or a 2nd place prize of $1750.

High School Seniors will have the opportunity to win $500.
See below for requirements.


Yes! Homeschooled students are allowed to enter our essay contests. Please make sure to enter the contest for your current grade level. Instead of writing your school name & address on the form, please make sure to write "Homeschooled." If you're not sure which contest you're eligible for, feel free to email us at [email protected]

Yes, Community College Students are eligible to participate in the Semper Solaris Scholarship contest.

Applicants must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident of the United States.

Yes! You can submit your essay before the deadline.

No, we will not accept essays once the deadline has passed.

Yes, as long as you were not previously a first-place winner.

Unfortunately, no.

No (but we highly encourage you to!). All awards are cash prizes. We place no restrictions on how the prize money is spent. Prize winners simply receive a check from us in the amount of their award.

Using sources to support your ideas demonstrates an understanding of the topic. Please cite your sources and include a works cited page with your essay.

Yes, you may have your essay proofread. It is not plagiarism to have someone check your essay for spelling and grammatical or structural errors. However, it is plagiarism to have someone else write your essay for you, or if you use someone else’s words as if they were your own.

We will contact you. Winners will be announced on the Semper scholarship page and on social media.

No. You may submit one essay for each contest.

No, we will only accept essays on the provided topic. Any essays or submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered.

Yes. We will accept.

Please send your questions or comments about the contest to [email protected]. We should be able to respond within two to five business days (not including weekends).