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A Semper Solaris contractor finishing up a roof installation for a home in Oakland.

Oakland Roofing

Choosing a local roofing contractor in Oakland has many advantages – the biggest of them is that they will have a better understanding of the types of roofs and the problems prevalent in this area. Hiring a local contractor for an essential but highly localized need, such as repair or replacement of a roof, makes more sense. A local contract would be available in the same area year after year, and you can discuss your roofing problems with them whenever there is one.

A local contractor would be better informed about the overall weather conditions in his area and the kind of roofing required. Oakland, for example, witnesses an extended period of hot weather coupled with heavy rains and storms. A local contractor would know what kind of roofing solution is the best for this kind of climatic condition. Having worked on similar roofs over a long time, local contractors have a better insight into the intricacies involved in providing the best roofing solutions to homeowners in the area. They can offer the best solution.

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Repair or Replace Your Roof in Oakland

Should you repair your roof or replace it altogether? If you are asking this kind of question, then it means your roof has started giving you problems and perhaps more frequently. The best solution to your problem lies in getting a check and audit of your roof done by a competent local contractor, like Semper Solaris. Our team can inspect your roof and let you know if it will be a simple repair or if a whole replacement is in order. But the earlier you do it, the better. Over time, the problem will become more prominent and aggravated, and even repair would cost you substantially more than what it would have charged you when the problem first manifested itself.

Reasons to Replace Your Roof in Oakland

There cannot be many reasons to replace your roof. The only reason to do so would be its bad condition. If the roof is in bad shape and giving you problems consistently, it makes more sense to replace it than repair it. Getting it fixed would cost you money, and won’t give you a new roof. An old roof is an old roof will be back to its old ways. So, it’s more sensible to go for the replacement and enjoy a trouble-free roof for a long time to come. The following signs can tell you that your roof needs replacement:

  • Shingles that are torn missing or broken
  • Cupped and curled shingles along the edges
  • A large part of the roof covered with mold or moss
  • Shingles that have gone bald or lost their granules
  • Widespread leaks across the expanse of roof
  • Roof sheathing in a rotted condition

There can be one more reason for the installation of a brand new roof. Your roof may have crossed 20 years, and it deserves a new roof, also to improve the look and equity of the house. It makes sense to invest in your house and increase its market value.

Roofing before and after Semper Solaris repaired it in Oakland.
Roofing before and after Semper Solaris repaired it in Oakland.

Semper Solaris for Roof Replacement in Oakland

Semper Solaris is probably the best roofing company in Oakland that offers the entire range of roof replacement services, including the installation of solar panels. Semper Solaris takes pride in being always faithful in line with the Marine Corps motto. Semper Solaris reflects the quintessential military values: Loyalty, respect, personal courage, selfless service, duty, honor, and integrity.

If you are looking for a roofing company Oakland that understands the unique architectural novelty of this region, Semper Solaris should be your choice. It not only brings the best practices of the industry to its work but also inspires them with the precision and commitment of the military values. The result is you have a new roof that can last 50 years and more with a guarantee. So, if roof replacement in Oakland is your idea, Semper Solaris should be your partner in getting the work done.

Semper Solaris is a local contractor who would be there at your service even after the work is completed. All the more reasons to work with Semper Solaris!

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

Semper Cares