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Fresno History of Innovation

Veteran Owned Semper Solaris Supports Our Military

The city of Fresno, California has long been a largely unrecognized source of innovation. According to its interesting history, Fresno has been the origin of the first modern landfill, the birthplace of the credit card, and the hub of the rapid growth of the raisin and fig industry in the late 1800s. Now, Fresno is a quiet force to be reckoned with when it comes to art. With a unique art museum and resources such as The Fresno Arts Council and ArtHop, which encourage visitors to find excellent art venues all over Fresno, Fresno prides itself on a thriving artistic culture. Fresno is also home to several historic districts, or unique enclaves like the Tower District.

Though Fresno has long been a source of creativity and innovation, it now has the opportunity for significant growth in the area of solar power and solar industry. Solar installation is already growing so rapidly in Fresno that PG&E may no longer need to build a new high-voltage electricity line in the area, saving over $100 million. But why is solar growing so fast here? What makes Fresno such a great place to install solar? It’s the same thing that propelled Fresno into prominence back in the late 1800s: a constantly sunny climate. Over one hundred years ago, Fresno made a fortune growing raisins, as the warmth and consistent sun was the perfect environment for drying out Fresno’s abundant grapes. Now, Fresno has a chance to grow into prominence once again—this time, in the emerging solar industry.

Our Military Roots

Co Founder Kelly Shawhan and family

As a Captain in the US Marine Corps trust means everything. Trust, to be there for my Marines. Trust, to be the expert. Trust, to get the job done right. That same philosophy stayed with me for the past 20 years as a contractor and a solar specialist. Solar can be complicated, but at Semper Solaris we pride ourselves on taking the time to help you understand how solar works and how to choose the right system. Find out why homeowners all over San Diego trust Semper Solaris.
-Kelly Shawhan
Co-founder, Semper Solaris

Co Founder John Almond and Family

Solar power is all about the freedom to afford to run your AC. We make solar simple, stripped of hype, high pressure and high prices, the basic reality of solar electricity is simple. It’s a math problem, with an obvious answer. No land needs to be bought or leased, as it is already present. No additional infrastructure needs to be installed, as the home wiring is generally sufficient and the home is already tied into the grid. With current prices as low as they are, there will likely never be a better time to go solar.
-John Almond
Co-founder, Semper Solaris

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“With its sunny climate and history of innovation, Fresno is the perfect city for solar power. Semper Solaris is a locally and veteran-owned business ​with  over 26 years industry experience​, and we’re happy to serve the Fresno area. Semper Solaris uses the most efficient, most durable ​American-designed ​ solar panels​, and we have an A+ customer service rating with the Better Business Bureau–so call us today​ to schedule your free energy analysis and find out how much you can save by going Solar…American Style​!​”

Go solar in 3 easy steps

Energy Use & Site Analysis

Our friendly representative will visit your location, provide helpful tips on energy use, crunch the numbers on your usage and determine the best way to deploy your solar array to save you the most money.

Preparation and Installation

We take care of all plans, permits, and engineering and then our skilled technicians will arrive to install your system in just a few short days. We specialize in perfection.

Power on and Enjoy

All of our systems come with easy performance monitoring. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy as your savings rocket sky high.

Now is the time for Solar

Fresno isn’t the only city that is recognizing the opportunity of solar. All over California, more and more families and businesses are recognizing the amazing benefits of installing solar panels. With over 580,000 solar projects, California leads the nation in solar innovation. To encourage others to install solar in this unique time in history, where many people have the chance to lead the way in solar installation, California also offers unique incentives to install solar, like rebates or cash back. Solar panels are more efficient than they’ve ever been, and prices have been at a steady low. However, the best reason to install solar panels as soon as possible is simple: the sooner you install, the sooner you can dramatically reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill.

Semper Solaris and The Freedom to Choose

Installing solar as soon as possible makes sense; choose Semper Solaris for your solar project. Semper Solaris has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and
​5 stars on Yelp. Our team members are certified, well-trained, professional, friendly, and on time. We pride ourselves on our military background and values. We also only use American Made solar panels, the best on the market. Made in America solar panels have set world records for residential panel efficiency, and have a unique copper backing that protects from overheating, cracking, or breakage. We give our customers the freedom to choose their panels. Our’s come with an extraordinary 25-year warranty, which protects you and your system for significantly longer than many other warranties. Call Semper Solaris today, and one of our experts will be happy to come to your home and discuss the best possible options for you and your home.

Solar Panels Positioned Perfectly on clay Tile Roof

Semper Solaris – Fresno Solar and Roofing Company

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We proudly serve these cities in Fresno County: Clovis, Coalinga, Firebaugh, Fowler, Huron, Kerman, Kingsburg, Mendota, Orange Cove, Parlier, Reedley, San Joaquin, Sanger, and Selma.

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