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Do Solar Panel Installations In Riverside Make Sense? Riverside is an excellent location for solar energy. You're most likely using the services of Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) or Southern California Edison (SCE) as your utility. Both these providers have significantly higher rates, making solar a worthwhile option since it saves money. Another important factor in going solar in Riverside seems to be the provider's net metering policy. Further, using the Semper Solaris solar panel calculator, you may find out the solar supports offered in your region.  The 'Science' Behind 30% Federal Tax Credit For Solar Panels in Riverside CA The federal solar tax incentive is comparable to 30 percent of the entire cost of putting solar panels on your house. The value of the tax discount gets subtracted from the federal income taxes at that point.  Nonetheless, if your tax amount is less than your tax credit, you may collect the credit over many years. You may only benefit from the federal tax credit when paying income taxes.  This year's federal solar tax credit is 30% of costs. Because of this, now is the most fantastic time to go solar to optimize your savings from solar energy. How Can You Help Make a Difference? Solar energy generates enough electricity in the United States to power more than 11.3 million households. Furthermore, that number continues to rise as we attempt greater energy independence while also reducing adverse effects on the environment.  By signing up for the Semper Solaris power plan, you show the Texas energy industry that you favor increasing the state's solar energy cap. How Much Can Solar Panels Help You Save Up in Riverside? The answer to this question relies on your level of power use. Generally speaking, the more electricity you use, the more significant the potential savings from solar energy installation. In California, the average monthly power use is around 547 kWh each month.  However, since this average includes modest flats and condominiums, you are most certainly using far more energy than this. The Riverside solar panel savings calculator utilizes our database of electric tariffs from local utilities to determine how much energy your house consumes. They then translate your monthly electric bill into how much electricity your home consumes.  It can then calculate how many solar panels you'll need to balance your energy use. Additionally, it will also tell you how much a solar system will cost you based on local solar businesses' rates. Saving you money on your electric bill due to going solar. Are Solar Panels Worth it in Riverside? Price reductions of more than 80% have occurred in the previous ten years for solar-powered devices. In addition, they will consequently get subsidized by the 30 percent federal tax credit and the net metering legislation until 2022. Making them a fantastic investment!  They provide a much higher return than the long-term average return from the stock market and real estate investing. On the contrary, you should consider the Levelized cost you would pay for each kWh of electricity you consume throughout the next 25 years. This will help you decide whether or not you have solar panels installed. Now that you know all about the importance of solar panels in Riverside, contact the best solar business in town – Semper Solaris!