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Air conditioning and heating can be a significant part of your electric bill. According to Energy.gov, an ordinary home in the U.S. spends about 48 percent of their electric bill on heating and air conditioning, making home comfort the largest energy expense in your home.

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Power Your Heating and Air Conditioning with Solar Energy

By switching to an efficient Heating and Air Conditioning system, you can lower your electric bill dramatically. Heating and Air Conditioning is the ideal partner for Solar & Battery Storage. By adding an energy-saving unit, you can decrease the total number of panels needed to reach a less costly electric bill, without adding more to your payment.

Semper Air Heating and Air Conditioning

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Semper Air by Semper Solaris offers military-grade, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning that pairs flawlessly with solar panels. Upgrade to an energy-efficient unit and reduce your energy bill!

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Over the Years Semper Solaris Has Won Many Awards

2021 Samsung Highest Year Over Year Growth award
2021 Samsung
Highest Year Over
Year Growth
Residential National Top Producer of the Year award
Residential National
Top Producer
of the Year
Residential HVAC Nation Dealer of the Year award
National Dealer
of the Year

And We're Just Warming Up

American Made Heating Products

Semper Home Unit

Semper Home

Single-Stage Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

A Quality American Made Furnace
Semper Comfort Unit

Semper Comfort

Two-Stage Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

Semper Solaris gas furnaces are built tough to last.
Semper Premium Unit

Semper Premium

Energy Efficient Two-Stage Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

A Quality American Made Furnace
Semper Premium Elite Unit

Semper Premium Elite

Two-Stage Multi-Speed Gas Furnace with ComfortBridge Technology

A Quality American Made Furnace
Semper Elite Unit

Semper Elite

High-Efficiency Modulating Variable Speed Gas Furnace

A Quality American Made Furnace
Heating, Air Conditioning, Solar, and Battery Storage

The Perfect Trio by Semper Solaris

Wouldn’t it be great to freely run your air conditioner all summer or heater all winter? From the blistering summer heat to winter’s crisp nights, you want to make sure your Heating and Air Conditioning unit is going to save you money, and last. Adding Heating and Air Conditioning to your solar system will provide you with all the benefits of a solar-powered home while keeping your home comfortable for you and your family.

Now, imagine if you had Battery Storage to add to this perfect duo. You could save more money and store surplus energy made by your system. Ask us about how to add the perfect trio to your home today to enjoy your heating and air conditioning to the max!

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