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Why Buy U.S. Manufactured Solar Panels


Why does it matter?

As Americans know, the Trump Administration has imposed a 30 percent tariff on Chinese imports of solar cells in what the U.S. International Trade Commission considered a threat to U.S. Manufacturers through unfair trade practices and pricing.

Opponents of the tariffs on Chinese imports argue that they could cause layoffs in the solar installation business.   But solar is the fastest growing energy source nationwide. And the benefits of domestic solar-panel manufacturing industry are huge for the industry and the country.


According to some leading business schools and think tanks, sending manufacturing overseas leaves a void not only for production workers but stifles advancement of technology in the U.S.   Patents, an incentive and mechanism for invention, as well as investment in research and development, are influenced by the manufacturing of products derived from innovative ideas. What is on the horizon?  Where would computer technology and advances in semiconductors be without the incentive to produce and create?


Manufacturing is more than just factories and production workers.  Transportation, engineering, design, development of future technology along with education, training, and job creation revolve around manufacturing.  It reaches so far as to affect government policies for immigration, taxes, and clean energy implementation.

Here in Poway, one solar manufacturing company that shut its doors, along with many others throughout the country, know just how unfair competition from China’s imports of solar panels, with their illegal subsidies, trade controls, and the lack of regulation in the dumping of hazardous waste, hurts U.S businesses.


In China, with its rapid industrial growth, polysilicon plants are a burgeoning business with the establishment of many new plants.  Polysilicon is used to manufacture solar panels. But the byproduct, silicon tetrachloride, is an extremely toxic substance that endangers the environment.

Many of these plants are dumping this poisonous chemical on farmlands, making the land infertile. And the gases emitted from the plants are affecting nearby residents–poisoning the air.  Chinese polysilicon manufacturers are saving millions by not using toxic waste recapture mechanisms. The low cost of imported Chinese solar panels comes with a price not only to the environment and poor farmers but to U.S. companies that cannot compete with the cheap imports.


Because of the threat to the environment from silicon tetrachloride, polysilicon companies in the United States are utilizing effective and costly systems for recycling the waste for reuse in the production of more solar panels. The very purpose of clean-energy is to reduce and eliminate threats to the environment.  And although they are following the rules, the U.S. is at risk of losing the very industry it pioneered, as well as the gains made towards energy independence (not relying on foreign countries for our energy needs).


But that is all changing, and the future of solar manufacturing in America looks bright.  Solar Companies are setting up shop here in the U.S. again. Tesla/Panasonic is opening a large facility in Buffalo, N.Y. to produce solar panels. SolarWorld and others are opening facilities and reestablishing their prominence in the field of solar technology.


At Semper Solaris, we use only the best “made in America” products, and we are proud of it.   Panasonic and SolarWorld are cutting edge leaders in the manufacture of solar panels and systems and comply with our standards.

  •    Highest quality solar equipment
  •    Tested for efficiency and performance.
  •    Dependable and trustworthy
  •    Highest environmental and safety standards

Semper Solaris offers a 25-year warranty on products and performance, and we stand behind our work.   If you are contemplating installing solar power in your residence or business, you can count on us to provide the best service with the best equipment available.  Call us today and schedule an evaluation of your home for a solar power installation “Made in the U.S.A.”

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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