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  Our Semper Cares Initiative was a huge success! On July 3rd, we completed two goodwill projects and unveiled them to the public. Welcomed guests and the local press assembled to join the families and crew to celebrate these veterans and watch as the final solar panels were installed. The two unveiling celebrations radiated honor, pride, and patriotism for this country and for those who fought to defend it. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovQs-BQMjkM[/embed] In partnership with Habitat for Humanity San Diego, we helped two veterans celebrate their Independence Day by unveiling a new roof and solar power system. Veteran Carl Schaffrina’s roof was in serious need of replacement. Water leaks were proving physically and mentally demanding for the family. Semper Solaris teamed up with the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project to provide a complete new roof installation expected to last for more than 25 years. Former Marine sniper Povas Miknaitis, was given the opportunity to declare his independence from electric companies. Semper Solaris, in cooperation with SolarWorld, and SolarEdge, installed a complete solar panel system to his home in San Diego. This new system will help reduce electricity costs and improve his home's value. Lowering Mr. Miknaitis' electricity bills and helping him become more energy independent is especially valuable, since most veterans are on fixed incomes - one fewer bill means greater financial freedom. The Miknaitis project was coordinated with San Diego’s Warrior Foundation Freedom Station where Miknaitis was a beneficiary and is now a volunteer working with other wounded veterans. We are proud of the men and women of our Semper Solaris team, our partners, and the veterans of this great nation. Stay tuned for future Semper Cares initiatives as we continue to help veterans in any way we can. At Semper Solaris, we take pride in our veterans, our veteran origins, and our veteran employees and their stories. As always, thank you for your service.

We have been providing solar power installations to San Diego, our backyard, for over 15 years. Solar energy is the most cost-effective and efficient energy source for your home, and we are on the frontlines of solar power, and all it has to offer. Semper Solaris is the premier solar company in San Diego Solar power gives you control over your monthly utility bill and rising energy costs. It can save you lots of money and increase the value of your home. And solar power helps the environment by lowering your carbon footprint. But solar is only one part of a host of environmental issues in San Diego. Pollution is a problem, and Semper Solaris is at the forefront of finding solutions beginning with homes. Air Quality in San Diego According to an article in the San Diego Tribune, San Diego is one of the most polluted cities in the U.S. If breathing outdoor air is a hazard to your health in San Diego, how can we mitigate the effects of pollution? What are the steps we can take to protect ourselves from poor quality outdoor air? We can check the Air Now website and stay indoors during particularly high pollution. But what about the air quality inside our homes? Did you know that indoor air pollution affects you even more than outdoor air pollution? We all want to clean up the environment and breathe clean air, enjoy clean water, and eliminate toxicity in the environment overall. And while solar power is the number one renewable energy in the world and holds the promise of clean energy, indoor air pollution is a serious health issue worldwide. Heating and air conditioning in San Diego is the key to better indoor air quality and protecting your health from the effects of air pollutants. Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Do you or anyone in your family have allergies or respiratory problems? Poor air quality can contribute to your health problems and even cause them. Respiratory ailments and allergies from biological pollutants, including spores, mites, bacteria, and mold, as well as chemical pollution from common household contaminants. These contaminants reside in the home, infiltrate the air you breathe and are the cause of many serious health problems, including asthma in children. Technological advances in HVAC have enhanced the usefulness and efficiency of Heating and Air Conditioning. New energy-efficient systems not only heat and cool your indoor air, but they also filter and clean it and help attain an indoor air quality that is comfortable, protected, and efficient. Semper Solaris is proud to offer the best of both worlds with heating and air conditioning services in San Diego, along with our expert solar power installations for the highest efficiency HVAC systems. Solar and HVAC Solar power makes it much more affordable to run your HVAC around the clock while keeping your home comfortable. You can take advantage of the many modern advancements that not only save on electricity but improve the air quality with a variety of filters, air cleaners, and other addons available. New, upgraded HVAC can benefit your air quality and your health. Semper Solaris offers heating and air conditioning installation in San Diego. We can customize your HVAC for the air quality, safety, and comfort best suited for your family. With the combination of energy-efficient HVAC and solar power, you can't lose.

From hybrid cars to recycling, it has become easier and cheaper to curb the harm caused by our over-dependence on fossil fuels. Depending mostly on fuels such as oil and coal has left us reliant on a fuel source that will run out and has contaminated our air. We all want to breathe in cleaner air. It is time we consider an alternative energy source that is renewable, sustainable, and mild to the environment—we need to go solar. Get the best solar installation in Vista. Why solar in Vista? The sun serves as a clean energy source that is also sustainable. It can give us direct light and heat, generate power, and provide heating and cooling. The sun’s energy extends to creating winds that can be used to power plants and produce biofuels. You don’t need to have a fat bank account or a solar farm to benefit from solar power. Solar panels make it affordable and straightforward to use solar energy in Vista, no matter your budget.  How does solar help the city of Vista? Save money on electricity bills Solar energy can cut down on the electricity bills in Vista and make funds available for other more important issues. Saving money is among the best benefits of making use of solar energy. Solar panels reduce the total amount of money homeowners in Vista will spend on their power bills. It is estimated that an average user of solar power can reduce up to 50 percent of monthly power costs. Utility companies offer programs that can purchase the extra energy produced from solar panels in Vista, potentially lowering the monthly energy bills and at times, paying some homeowners.  Saves the environment  Unlike using fossils that can contaminate the environment through their byproducts, solar energy doesn’t give any emission. Instead, the energy they produce will lower the number of discharges in Vista, helping reduce the damage caused by acid rain, smog, climate change, and water contamination. The power produced by solar panels will always be available as long as there is sunshine, which is estimated to last for about 5 billion years.  Create employment  The solar industry in Vista is proven to create jobs. The number of solar workers has continued to grow in the past few years, with a majority of them working in solar installation jobs that cannot be easily outsourced. Also, the workers get paid competitive salaries.  Solar is beneficial to low-income earners Most of the income of low-income earners usually ends up in the hands of electricity companies. It is estimated that low-income earners spend 10 percent of their finances on energy bills. This number is four times more than average earners. By making use of power with a low cost such as solar electricity, such households can experience some stability. For better survival  Most cities are experiencing more threats from natural disasters and are taking measures to prepare for them. During harsh weather events, solar power can help prevent general power outages, and provide electricity for vital facilities and help in recovery efforts. To have solar power installed in your property, make use of the best solar company in Vista such as Semper Solaris. Formed on the military value of duty, loyalty, respect, honor, integrity, selfless service, and personal courage, this company is a reliable solar panel installation in Vista.

Statistics gathered in recent times suggest that California has performed consistently well when it comes to producing solar energy. One Californian city that has played a significant role in making this possible is surely San Diego. Being one of the largest cities of the state, San Diego has a pretty highly installed solar capacity. This has, however, been possible primarily due to the fantastic sunlight the city gets almost all through the year. Other factors that have contributed significantly include the pro-solar policies of the local government, encouraging solar incentives, etc. However, for making the best use of all these favorable factors, you will have to work with the best solar company in San Diego. About the cost of solar panels in San Diego The cost of solar panel installation in this city tends to range between $13,200 and $17,900. To be more precise, for every watt, the installation process will make you spend around $2.70 to $ 3.60. There are a common and extremely critical question property owners looking for solar panel installation in San Diego ask: How much time will they have to wait for recovering the initial investment through electricity savings? There’s even a technical term awarded to this query; it’s solar payback period. In San Diego and its surrounding areas, the solar payback period is pretty low. You will need to wait just around half a decade for recovering your initial investment. How to pay for the installation? Solar shoppers in this part of the United States are required to take another significant decision. They need to decide how they will pay for the entire process. As the solar panel installation procedure requires a pretty hefty investment, many struggle to arrange the lump sum. The good news is that companies offering the best solar installation in San Diego also allow property owners to opt for solar loans and solar leases. However, if you have enough money for making a cash purchase, go for it as it will end up offering you the maximum profit. A few things you must know Efficiency and power output showcased by the solar panel installed is are not the only factors deciding how much energy the panel will be able to generate. Your solar panel would make an impressive amount of power only if enough sunlight hits it regularly. Being one of the sunniest cities in the US, San Diego scores impressively in this department. Solar panels installed in this city keep generating more energy every year compared to similar systems installed in most other parts of the country (for instance, the Northeast). Experts talk about some more factors that play a significant role in increasing the efficiency of these panels. These include panel orientation, panel angle, and shading. The company installing a solar panel at your place should consider all these factors when planning the installation. Are you planning to install a solar panel in your apartment? If yes, make sure you are getting it done a reputable solar panel installation company in San Diego.

Water is a valuable resource, without which all living things on this planet will cease to exist. About 70 percent of the surface of the earth is made of water, and our bodies are made up of 60 percent water. Additionally, water can be found in the soil, the air, and every living thing. Yet, there is a severe scarcity of clean drinking water in many regions.  The world today functions on a partnership between the production of water and energy. Sources of conventional energy make use of large amounts of water to generate electricity, and it takes lots of energy to produce drinkable water. A shortage of water can result in a crisis in the energy industry. But the good news is that solar energy helps to significantly reduce the amount of water required to produce energy, and also helps to save money for water districts. The business of conventional power generation is a thirsty one. Power industries solely depend on oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power to make use of over 40 percent of water taken for human consumption in the US. This makes them the biggest consumers of water. But this significant water usage in San Diego County doesn’t end there. Power plants making use of fossils need water supply to control pollution, and power producers directly use water to extract, produce, refine, and transport fuel. Nuclear plants and coal make use of about 25 to 60 gallons of water to make just one KW hour of power.  For energy generation, these power plants return their water to nature – although it is always accompanied by pollution. But what will happen if there is a shortage of water for these plants to use? Solar Energy does not depend on water A more earth-friendly way to produce electricity will be to make use of solar energy. With the advancement of solar power technology, there will be no more need to depend on fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, kerosene, diesel, and so on. Burning fossils result in problems for the city of San Diego County such as wide-spread pollution, global warming, and respiratory diseases. By making use of solar energy, we can significantly reduce the carbon footprint and help conserve water.  Solar Panels Hiring the best solar company in San Diego County to install solar panels can be beneficial for you because solar panels are practically free of pollution. Also, the energy the sun generates can be converted into electricity without making use of water. The only time you’ll need water is once in a few months when you want to clean the solar panels.  The amount of water you’ll use to clean the solar panels can be negligible compared to the amount used to extract, refine, and transport fossils. In addition to this, you’ll not need to wash your solar panels during the rainy season; nature will take care of it for you. Semper Solaris is a pioneering solar company that has been creating waves all around the world. They can take care of any solar panel installation in San Diego County without much stress. This company pride themselves in taking the time to help clients understand how solar works and how to select the right solar system.

Promising year-long perfect weather right along the beachside, the city of Oceanside immediately becomes the ideal place for life in general. What more could you ask? That warm, sunny, happy weather also offers a specific advantage for residential solar power and for many reasons, now is the best time to go solar in Oceanside.  Solar Financing Options for Oceanside   One of the most significant incentives for switching to clean energy continues to be the many solar rebates and incentives provided. These various financial aids have helped make solar affordable for everyone! However, some of these incentives won’t last much longer, so getting started with solar today could allow you to save more! At Semper Solaris, our local and tailored service makes us the best solar company in Oceanside for Oceanside. For information regarding the different financial aids, your Oceanside residence qualifies for is just one call away at our Oceanside Semper Solaris office.  SOLAR LOANS  Solar loans are an excellent option for residential solar, and many solar loans are $0-down. A PV (photovoltaic) solar system is an asset that gives you financial revenue. From the rebates and tax credits for installation to the value of the energy, you produce throughout your system’s lifetime. LEASES AND PPA’S  Leasing or getting a power purchase agreement (PPA) is like renting a solar system for your home. The third-party owner of the solar system will install and maintain the solar system on your property, in exchange, you pay a below-market rate for the electricity during the duration of the lease agreement. Because they own the PV system, they will be eligible for the tax rebates and incentives. You can still expect to save 10-30% over the cost of your electric bill and get to enjoy the electricity it produces!  So why wait? NOW is the time to go solar!  Why Semper Solaris?  As a homeowner in Oceanside, finances are always a big part of the equation. Which is why, at Semper Solaris, we work directly with your goals, your home, and your budget to provide the best solar installation in Oceanside for you. Our experienced solar technicians and contractors know how to install your system to ensure it works at its highest energy efficiency. If you have concerns about the feasibility for you to go solar, get in touch with your Semper Solaris solar company in Oceanside!

Researching solar panels from the best solar company in Lemon Grove can lead to serious questions. One question you may not think about is: what kind of maintenance and upkeep will your new solar panels require?  At Semper Solaris, we won’t keep you in the dark! Here is a checklist to help you care for your solar panels. This list will help your panels perform at their peak capacity year ‘round. At any time you find that your panels need maintenance beyond cleaning, call Semper Solaris. Taking care of your panels requires little time, but the benefits are worth it! Importance of Cleaning Solar Panels Solar panels are very durable, and solar panel installation in Lemon Grove is a smart investment.  They pay for themselves very quickly, so you want to take good care of that investment.  Typically panels can exceed their average lifespan of 25 years and with a little TLC yours could last up to 40 years. </p I had my panels installed with the best solar installation in Lemon Grove -- Semper Solaris!  What do I need to do to take care of them?  How does dirt build-up affect my panels? Well, dirty panels can reduce your panel efficiency by 25%.  That is quite a loss, and that’s the energy you could be powering your home with! Cleaning your panels is easy. It only needs to be done once or twice a year, depending on your local environments, such as close proximity to freeways or dusty areas like fields.  If you have an exceptionally windy day, take a peek at them and make sure they are clear from debris. In especially dirty areas, some homeowners find they need to clean their panels every three to four months. Keep that in mind if you notice a drop in your panels’ productivity. How do I clean them? If your panels are on your roof, consider calling a professional to clean them.  As your solar company in Lemon Grove, we can come to provide a cleaning service, and maintenance check on your panels-just give us a call! If your panels are easily accessible and safe for you to access, you can clean them yourself.  Here are some tips for safely cleaning your panels: Clean them in the morning or the evening or even on an overcast day.  If it is too hot, the water and cleanser will dry too quickly, leaving streaks and residue, which will decrease their ability to create power. Make sure you use a biodegradable and solar panel safe cleanser so that you don’t damage your panels or your plants! Use a soft sponge or brush and scrub gently in small, circular motions. Do not use abrasives or harsh cleansers! If you have hard water, do a final rinse with soft water to prevent calcium build-up. Use a soft towel or a squeegee to dry the panels to avoid streaks! You can also have us install a monitoring system to keep track of the energy produced from your panels. If you notice a drop in production, it may be time to clean your panels! At Semper Solaris, we know your investment in solar is important to you. We want you to be happy with your panels and taking care of them is the best way to ensure the longevity of your solar system!

While we like to think to harness the power of the sun to benefit mankind is a new technology, this is not true!  If you are interested in some fun facts and myths surrounding solar energy from the best solar company in La Mesa, read on!  You may be surprised by what you learn! The San Diego area is one of the world leaders in solar home use, so you can be proud to have solar panels powering your home!  We love to help our customers become free from the grid and with solar panel installation in La Mesa, you can eliminate your electric bill completely!  Read on to learn some interesting stuff about solar! Fun Facts about Solar Energy  1. There is enough solar power available to go 8,000 times total the world's power usage!  We just can't harness it all. Even the best solar installation in La Mesa can't harness it all-YET! (but we are working on it!) 2. The Greeks and Romans first harnessed the power of the sun!  They used passive solar designs to provide heat and light in their homes! 3. In the 1960s solar power was used as a power source onboard spacecraft!  Vanguard 1 was the first satellite powered by solar cells, and it is still in orbit-it has traveled more than 6 billion miles! 4. More energy hits the earth in one hour than we can use in one year. 5. Solar power is the environmentally friendly-in fact it produces no water or air pollution and emits no greenhouse gases. 6. There is no noise pollution for your neighbors to hear when you use your solar panels. So if you don't have solar yet, look up a reputable solar company in La Mesa, like Semper Solaris, to come out and give you an estimate! 7. When panels are installed on existing structures, the environmental impact is minimal. 8. Once installed, there is no maintenance required, except cleaning your panels a couple of times a year. 9. The Mojave Desert here in California houses the largest solar power plant in the world. It is about 1,000 acres! 10.  Solar energy has been used for more than 2700 years and is only getting better and more efficient!  Myths about Solar Energy 1. Solar is Free Well, that is not entirely true. You can finance panels for zero down and the government rebates to help subsidize your panels.  2. Solar is for the wealthy only  Nope!  While that may have been the case about 20 years ago, solar is very affordable for most Americans. We will evaluate your needs and help you find a system to fit your budget! 3. My panels won't work on cloudy or rainy days  Guess what?? Your panels will still produce energy even during inclement weather!  They can also be more efficient during those chilly, sunny winter days! 4. I read that solar panels can damage my roof Again, not true!  Any qualified solar panel installer knows how to make sure your roof can support solar panels. They also see the area where the panels are mounted to your ceiling is sealed to prevent leaks. Call us, the best solar roofing company in La Mesa for a free quote. 5. I don't own my home/I live in a condo or apartment, so I can't have solar.  There are many community solar programs that exist. Please do not hesitate to research or ask us if your community offers programs for you so you can benefit from solar energy too!  We hope this little bit of knowledge helped you feel better about solar energy and its future potential!

GAME-CHANGING SOLAR PANEL TECHNOLOGY Solar power is the number one energy alternative to fossil fuels. It is cost-effective, efficient, and it is here to stay. As solar becomes more efficient, innovation and groundbreaking technologies will lead the way to more usability of the power of the sun in appliances and devices and yet unknown applications. At Semper Solaris, we are always looking for future technologies in solar power that will change our industry and move the line forward in powering the future. We are the best solar company in El Cajon to get you started on your solar power journey. Solar Panel Technology If you are considering switching to solar power, you may be interested in some of the new technologies emerging that make panels better overall. From the materials used to methods of light conversion, solar panels are at the forefront of new technology as innovators discover ways to make solar panels more efficient and productive.  The design and aesthetics are also considered as homeowners are interested in the curb appeal of panels and integrating solar into the design and aesthetics of their home. Many new offerings will allow a customized look for solar panel installation in El Cajon. New Designs Improve Performance and Aesthetics According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, "Not all of the sunlight that reaches a PV cell is converted into electricity. Most of it is lost. Multiple factors in solar cell design play roles in limiting a cell's ability to convert the sunlight it receives. Designing with these factors in mind is how higher efficiencies can be achieved." Solar panels produce electricity at a rate of around 15 to 20 percent. Scientists and engineers have been working to improve the efficiency and the amount of sunlight converted from solar cells. Some new technologies have emerged that are game-changers for the solar industry. Bifacial Solar Panels  absorb light from both sides of the panel. One is facing the sun and one collecting light from reflected surfaces. This design improves the efficiency of the panels, allowing more power to be obtained than traditional panels.  Maxim Integrated Technology  will change the way solar panels work. The technology increases energy production and more even delivery as well as flexibility in design and placement.  Clear Solar Panels Change the face of the solar industry with a solar film on windows that generate power through the absorbing of Ultraviolet light. This will increase the efficiency of solar energy while keeping the aesthetics of a building intact.  Solar Roof Tiles or shingles are a bit more expensive than traditional panels but can be seamlessly incorporated into the roof and design of the home. Solar Skin Design "new technology brings designs for a custom look to match your roof to your solar panel system with smart grids that are smaller than traditional panels. A few companies are pioneering this" Solar Tracking for homes that cannot support rooftop solar, ground-mounted systems on poles now have the option of solar tracking mounts that self-adjust to the sun.  Semper Solaris offers the best solar panel installation in El Cajon with affordable and flexible plans using the very best equipment available. We can help you design a system that is best for your home, whether rooftop or ground-mounted systems or any other available option. We are excited about the advancements in solar panel technology that allow more and more homeowners to realize the dream of solar power in a way that fits their lifestyle and budget.

SOLAR POWER AROUND THE WORLD Solar power is the number one renewable energy and the most cost-effective power source in the world. Moreover, the world is moving to solar energy as fast as it can. With technology advancing more and more, there will be more need for electricity in the future, not less. Solar brings electricity into hard to reach places and third world countries where it has been trying to access modern life because of the cost of electrical grid infrastructure. It is imperative to advance and spread solar technology as quickly and efficiently as possible. Moreover, here at home, that dream has become a reality for homeowners. Semper Solaris is the best solar power company in Carmel Valley, and we are on the frontlines of moving solar forward.  Benefits of Solar Your electricity doesn’t have to be a burden, and yet for many, it is. There are costs attached to the production of power and electricity. Although solar power isn’t completely free, it is open enough to allow significantly lower costs on electricity for consumers. Rooftop solar can produce enough energy to lower and even eliminate your electric bill. With solar power, you can use as much as you need for lights, air conditioning, appliances, and devices without worrying about the cost. Solar will increase the value of your home and offer other financial benefits besides the savings on your power bill. You will be contributing to the new, renewable energy economy free of carbon-based fuels and waste.  Semper Solaris offers the very best solar panel installation in Carmel Valley. We know our business and offer the best equipment available. We are experts in the design and installation of solar power and can help get you up and running in no time. Energy Independence With solar making headway globally, there is a move towards making electricity independent of the grid through technological advances. Microgrids offer a new way to distribute electricity, opening the door for electrical power to expand throughout the world and to be more accessible by more people. Energy independence can be achieved as we move away from reliance on fossil-fuel driven, centralized power production plants. Nature has been using the power of the sun since life began. The sun makes the earth sustainable for human life. It only makes sense that this amazing technology should be extended not only to our cities but to the most remote places around the world.  The breakthrough technology of the past few decades allows solar power to be installed on the roof of a home and generate enough electricity to power the home. Solar on rooftops has grown into the most viable alternative, renewable energy for powering buildings and all manner of electronic appliances and devices. Even NASA Will launch rockets into space using solar power. Whether you want to save money or save the planet, solar power is the most viable option for both. Semper Solaris is on the cutting edge of solar technology and offers the best solar installation in Carmel Valley. Call us and let us help you go solar for you and the world around you.