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Who is Solaria?

Solaria believes in the potential of unlocking power. Their IP portfolio is one of the industry's most respected. Focusing on mass-market production and distribution through large partners, Solaria expands those relationships to take the lead in an evolving industry.

Why Choose Solaria?

Solaria's technology was adopted on a mass scale and their team optimized the technology and automated manufacturing for various applications. Typically, solar companies rely on a one-size-fits-all model with their materials, but Solaria's model allows for customization.

Solaria modules are designed to exceed an industry leading 25-year warranty. Those modules meet the highest quality standards. This means that you can trust in reliable power generation every single day. Solaria has been recognized as a top performer twice in the DNV GL PV Module Reliability Scorecard.

Learn About Solaria Power XT®


  • Produces over 20% more power than traditional models
  • Engineered for high performance
  • Groundbreaking engineering design maximize energy output.
  • Designed for high efficiency
  • The advanced interconnect process and patented cell cutting make PowerXT® more powerful than traditional panels.

Traditional panels have many points of energy loss

  1. Inactive areas
  2. Series sub-string
  3. Bus-bars

Solaria PowerXT® is optimized for maximum output

  1. Inactive areas removed
  2. Parallel sub-strings
  3. Bus-bars removed

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