Solar Panel System Costs: 5 Reasons It’s Worth the Investment

Many homeowners in California are interested in going solar, but solar panel system costs stop them in their tracks. It’s true that solar panels carry a big price tag, but is solar an investment that will eventually pay dividends? We believe that the answer is yes. Solar panels can provide financial savings in the long…

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How Do Solar Panels Work at Night?

One of the most common criticisms lobbed at those who believe that solar power is key to helping the world transition to renewable energy is that solar panels only work for half the day. After all, they are called “solar” panels, so what happens when the sun sinks below the horizon? Do solar panels simply…

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powerwall tesla

Full Review of Tesla Powerwall: Solar Battery Storage

Several years ago, Elon Musk steered Tesla Motors into the renewable energy market with an innovative home energy storage product – Tesla Powerwall. This home battery is designed with the same dedication to detail and innovation as Tesla’s cutting-edge electric vehicles and other ventures. While Tesla certainly didn’t invent solar storage batteries, they certainly used their…

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Sunlight shining across solar panels

Reasons You Should Switch to Solar Power

As solar energy becomes a more popular renewable energy source, switching becomes more and more attractive to homeowners. There are numerous factors to weigh, especially the cost of investing in solar panels compared to the rising cost of electricity. Any type of change can be somewhat intimidating at first. You may be wondering if switching…

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Why Is Solar Power the Best Option for Alternative Energy?

While there are plenty of energy options available to consumers, solar energy is emerging as one of the most effective. Energy harnessed from the sun’s rays is unique in that it is essentially “clean,” providing homeowners, schools, businesses, and all types of facilities with a renewable source of energy. California is one of the leaders…

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Top Facts You Need to Know About Solar Power & Energy

Semper Solaris is proud to be one of the top solar installers in Southern California. The demand for solar panel systems has never been greater; however, that also means the demand for information and insight on solar energy is also in high demand. We understand that homeowners have lots of questions before diving into the…

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Are Solar Panels Actually Reliable?

Ever wonder how long solar panels are meant to last? Sure, getting unlimited power from the sun sounds great, but what if the solar panel system built to harness and convert this “free” power breaks down? Many homeowners interested in solar are hesitant when it comes to going solar because they want to weigh the…

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What Are the Benefits of Using Solar Providers Near Me?

“The solar industry is booming.” That’s according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), which found that the solar industry has grown by an average annual rate of 59% over the last ten years. The rise in solar installation has spurred the appearance of many different solar installers, including large, national chains. If you’re in…

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