Solar Energy is Powering a Public Transportation System

Solar Energy is Powering a Public Transportation System

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you think of solar power as just a fad, or an add-on to traditional sources of energy, rather than a bountiful source of energy on its own? Well, think again, because not only can solar power electrify your home, it’s also gone mass-consumption with a deal made between Total and a partnering solar company and the metro system of Santiago in Chile.

The El Pelicano Solar Project, near La Higuera and Vallenar in Chile, is expected to be complete by the end of 2017. Once finished, it will provide 300 gigawatt-hours per year of pollution-free solar energy to Metro of Santiago. This will be used to power the first public transportation system in the world mostly run by solar energy. With 2.2 million passengers using the Metro of Santiago service each day, a whole lot of people will be enjoying more than the sun’s warmth; they’ll be benefiting from its endless supply of energy. Imagine the benefits to the environment when 2.2 million people give up pollution-belching gas or oil-fueled transportation in favor of clean solar energy.


Chile is an ideal location for this ambitious project, as it’s committed to clean, sustainable energy sources for its bustling population of 18 million people. In fact, the northern end of Chile is the most solar-energy-intensive place in the world. The Chilean Ministry of Energy plans on at least 19% of the country’s energy supply to come from the sun by 2050, along with 23% from wind power and 29% hydroelectric. Total, the world’s second-ranked solar energy operator, is just the solar compnay to bring Chile’s dream to fruition.


Not only will the completed solar plant provide cost-effective energy while optimizing the use of the land, it will also include robotic solar panel cleaning capabilities to reduce water usage by 75% over traditional cleaning methods. In hot, dry Chile, that water conservation is precious.

If an entire country can rely on the sun for its energy needs, you can certainly power up your own home with solar. It’s clean, it’s available, it’s cost-effective. It’s energy straight from the ultimate source: the sun.

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