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Texans know the dangers of blackouts…

Stay powered and prepared against blackouts for DAYS

Easily use your stored energy day or night 

Monitor and optimize your energy with the Tesla app

Benefits of Battery Storage

Tesla Powerwall gives you complete control of how and when your energy is used, NOT the electric company!

AND best of all pairs perfectly with solar panels!

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Call (833) 290-4200

Call (833) 290-4200

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We Have Limited Supply!

We Have Limited Supply!

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Texas Homeowners:

Texas Homeowners:

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Constant Commitment To Service!

I am very happy with my Semper Solaris solar installation. I particularly liked that the sales consultant didn't try to over-power us. He undersold the number of panels we were set to purchase by greater than 25%. We're excited to see how the year turns out. We're 6 months in, and tracking very well to have our solar system supply 100% of our power this year!

I check the system regularly, it is easy to do. You can check power output/consumption either on-line or at any point in time by looking at the meter. Our system appears to be performing as engineered. I'll report back when we "true-up" in August!

I am a tough customer, and I recommend Semper Solaris.

Bob F.

I had a very good experience with Semper Solaris for both replacement of my roof with the Owens-Corning Platinum product and the installation of 24 Solar Panels. Bob King was my salesman and advocate; he responded very quickly to any question or concern.

Carlos supervised the roof replacement using (I think) a subcontractor.  The roofing crew was excellent, with as many as 5 guys working all day for 5 days.

Erez supervised the solar panel installation which went perfectly. He disguised the conduit pipe leading the wiring from the roof to the inverter and even hand-painted the exposed sections with matching paint he concocted himself.

So, we had a truly comfortable and gratifying experience with a very competent company.

Gregory M.

I interviewed about 3-4 different companies and decided on these folks and have no regrets. Cameron Trost our sales rep/Energy Consultant was very informative, professional, and did not have a high sales pressure approach like some of the other companies out there. 

Erez Abramovitch and his crew were very professional and knew their stuff. It took about one day for the physical installation to be installed. They did a good job following up with the city inspectors so when the OK was given to continue with the inspections, they proceeded accordingly without a hitch. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with the workmanship and would recommend them to friends and family members.

Michael T.

or Call (833) 290-4200

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Military Grade Service.

Always Prepared. Always Faithful.

Military Grade Service.

Always Prepared.

Always Faithful.

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or Call (833) 290-4200

Call (833) 290-4200
*30 percent federal tax credit based on eligibility, consult your tax advisor. On approved credit. §For Solaria warranty please go to ˇFor Enphase warranty please go to Cannot be combined with any other offers. New customers only, some restrictions apply. 

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Can I add Tesla Powerwall to my already existing solar panels?

Yes, absolutely! When additional power is needed and your panels can no longer power your home, Powerwall will turn on, directly powering your home without relying on the grid.



How fast does Tesla Powerwall work when there is an energy outage?

Tesla Powerwall detects an outage, disconnects from the grid and brings power to your home within a fraction of a second! The process is so seamless, you won’ even know there is a power outage.

What can I use Tesla Powerwall for?

Depending on your energy needs, Powerwall can be used to self-power your home, or as backup power. It can also be used for home energy monitoring.





What is the cost of Tesla Powerwall?

The total cost will depend on the size and functionally of your home, and how much energy you want to store and use. To receive a free, personalized estimate, tap the button below or call ▾



What's More American Than


Semper Solaris: Solar, Battery Backup, Roofing and Now Offering Heating & Air Conditioning

Excellent Customer Service

Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer

Thousands of Five Star Reviews

Local & Veteran Owned

Solar Panels Made in America

Multi-Award Winning Company

Tesla Powerwall In Stock Now!


Declare your energy independence

Freedom to choose solar panels made in America

Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills 

Increase your property value

Benefits of Going Solar & Battery Storage

Go Solar and Save Today!

Become Energy Independent Today!

Save Thousands When You Go Solar


Quality American Made Solar Panels You Can Rely On


Take CHARGE With Home Battery Storage Today!

Get 24/7 Emergency Power with Tesla Powerwall!

At Semper Solaris, we believe Americans should have the freedom of energy independence and the safety of backup protection! Solar power paired with Battery Storage gives you exactly that!


Gold Installer

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or Call (833) 290-4200

At Semper Solaris, we believe Americans should have the freedom of energy independence and the safety of backup protection! Solar power paired with Battery Storage gives you exactly that!

What If You Could've Had Your Energy Restored Instantly?



Solaria offers a Premium Solar Panel Warranty!

The IQ8 will supply electricity when the sun is shining even during a loss of electricity supply from the grid or simply when there is no grid at all.

Increased Flexibility

Enphase System Monitoring 

Easily Expandable

25 Year Limited Warrantyˇ

Keep Your Home's Power Flowing With The



We Have The New IQ8 Microinverter

We Have The New IQ8 Microinverter 


Solar + Battery Installer!