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"We are incredibly happy with the results and have immediately witnessed the cost savings. We can’t tell you how happy we have been with this entire process." - Dan & Tracy Jackson // Semper Solaris Customer

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Sacramento – A Great Opportunity for Solar

Sacramento has long been a pioneer for solar energy. In 1984, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District installed the first solar array of a utility scale in the nation. With California leading the nation in solar installation, it makes sense that California’s capital would have excellent potential for solar energy! According to a study by the California Energy Commission, Sacramento has 814,573 megawatts per hour per day of solar technical potential—that was in 2005, and solar panels have only gotten more efficient. Local governments are also especially supportive of solar installation in Sacramento. For example, the SMUD offers detailed information on their website about financing options, including a $500 residential incentive to install now. SMUD recommends hiring contractors that have experience, that are licensed, that are recommended by the Better Business Bureau, are NABCEP certified, and have good ratings on Angie’s List. All of these apply to Semper Solaris.

It’s the Best Time to Go Solar

Now is a great time to install solar. According to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy, prices for solar panel installation have been falling since 2007. And, in the 2016 Annual Energy Outlook by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, it’s predicted that prices will remain relatively flat until 2035. More and more people are installing solar as solar becomes a smarter, more affordable option than paying high electricity bills every month for the rest of your life! California is especially supportive of renewable energy through solar, and offers several incentives and financing options in this revolutionary season of solar installation.

The Best Solar Panels

SunPower solar panels are the best available, which is exactly why Semper Solaris only installs SunPower solar panels. What makes them the best? SunPower set the record for solar panel efficiency in 2015. They sent in one of their residential solar panels, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory confirmed that the efficiency had grown to 22.8%, the new world record. Fortune magazine even commented on the new record, as their panels were significantly more efficient than the average of 15-18%. SunPower panels also have a unique copper backing, making them more durable than other panels. The copper protects against corrosion, and leaves room for flexibility, expansion, and contraction during heat.

How Can I Afford Solar?

Co-founders John Almond and Kelly Shawhan see solar installation as a simple math problem. With financing and tax incentives, solar installation is more affordable than ever. And once you install solar, you start saving. The one-time cost of solar is far less than the cost of electricity bills accumulated over a lifetime. Why continue to pay electricity for the rest of your life when you can cut that cost right away? In fact, many homeowners not only save money on their electric bill—they earn money back from the electric company! As John and Kelly say, “Installing a solar energy system is like installing an ATM on your roof—it just keeps spitting out money for you!”

Why Semper Solaris?

Semper Solaris has earned an excellent reputation in the solar industry over time. We are SunPower’s Residential National Dealer of the Year, and our contractors are all licensed professionals. We have a 5-star reputation with many reviewers on Yelp, Angie’s List, and more. We also have an A rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. Many of our team members are former military, and all of our team members are friendly, disciplined, loyal, and well trained. We are committed to showing up on time, doing what we say that we will, and communicating with you during every step of the process. Much of our business is simply through referrals, and you can call today to find out why!

Solar Panels Positioned Perfectly on clay Tile Roof

Semper Solaris – Sacramento Solar Company

We proudly serve these cities in Sacramento County: Antelope, Citrus Heights, Courtland, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, Herald, Hood, Isleton, Laguna, Parkway, Rancho Cordova, and Sacramento

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