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Pros & Cons of Solar in Inland Empire

Originally published May 12th, 2019. Updated January 7th, 2021.

Currently, solar power ranks high among the fastest-growing markets in the whole world. Thanks to the very high temperatures of the Inland Empire, solar systems are being installed by homeowners at a staggering rate. If you also have at one point considered installing solar panels, you most likely have researched solar panel installation in Inland Empire. However, solar energy installation is a significant investment; thus, you need to distinguish between its real pros and cons just to be sure that you made the right decision. To help you make the best decision, we have put together this guide of the pros and cons of solar in the Inland Empire.

Advantages of Solar Energy

  1. Little to zero cost of generation 

For most people in the Inland Empire, the most significant reason for installing solar is that once they are done with the initial cost of installation, the energy is ultimately free. In fact, the only question that you will have in mind is whether the payback period on your initial capital investment will be better compared to the returns you would have got from other investments.


  1. Drastically and even totally eliminates energy bills

Every single year, home energy costs tend to rise significantly, and the worst part is that there is not much anyone can do about it. Thankfully, by considering solar financing options in the Inland Empire, you can drastically reduce or even entirely eliminate your energy bills. By installing solar in the Inland Empire, you will put a lock in your energy costs for the next 25 years.


  1. Environmentally Friendly

Although there may be some light emissions during installation and production stage of solar power, they are relatively minimal if you were to compare them with those of generating other energy sources. 


  1. Widely available geographically

Even though there may be those areas that are better suited for solar power compared to others, it still remains an energy option that is still viable in almost all areas. Inland Empire being one of the sunniest parts of California, it even comes out as a perfect area for investing in solar energy.


  1. Community Solar helps overcome various installation issues

Due to several problems such as insufficient space, there are a few homes that remain unfit for solar energy in the Inland Empire. However, with the introduction of “shared solar,” these types of homes can now access solar power by subscribing to “community solar gardens.” Apart from helping you generate solar energy without needing to have solar panels installed on your roof, the initial costs are also extremely inexpensive.


  1. Low cost of maintenance

One of the best things about solar energy is that it comes with the lowest maintenance costs. This is possible because solar energy systems have fewer moving parts, which results in fewer instances of break down. In most cases, all you may need to do is replace your inverter, which you may do only once over the life of your solar system. It is only when you have off-grid systems which generally come with batteries that you may require routine maintenance.


  1. You get financial support from the government or state

The US Senate in 2020 went ahead to pass an extension to the already 26 percent Renewable Tax Credits. This led to an extension of the tax credit for an additional eight years. Furthermore, there are also rebates that are available in several jurisdictions at the county level, state level, or even utility company level. When you take all the residential solar in the Inland Empire government incentives into account, investing in solar energy also seems a more appealing idea.


  1. It improves your home’s value

According to several studies conducted by the real estate market, those homes that are equipped with a solar power system tend to sell much faster compared to non-solar homes. This is enough evidence to show that equipping your home with solar power significantly increases its value.


  1. You become energy independent

When you totally depend on your utility company for power, you can go for many hours without electricity in case the grid does go down. However, if you have solar power installed, you will still be able to generate electricity even during emergencies. 

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Although installing solar power may seem a perfect energy solution up to this point, just like any other thing, it will still come with some cons. Now, let’s look at six cons that you should keep in mind before you finally consider going solar:


  1. It’s quite expensive to get started

The initial cost of installing solar energy is the main barrier for most homes in the Inland Empire going the solar way. This is because you will be practically paying upfront for not less than 25 years of uninterrupted energy production.


  1. There is no transparency in the solar industry 

Just like in any other market in the world, there are a couple of good players and many bad ones in the solar industry. While there may be a few excellent installers in the Inland Empire, most of them are just out there to make a profit. At Semper Solaris, we make sure you are given all the options to make the best decision for your home. On top of that, we are there for every step of your solar installation journey. From the first appointment to the permits to turning on your system, we will be there every step of the way.


  1. Buying batteries will cost you first, but save you later

While most solar systems don’t require battery systems like Tesla Powerwall, they will become a must-have if you decide to go with the off the grid option. This means that you will have independent power in case there is an unexpected power outage. Furthermore, these batteries will store any surplus energy produced by your system, which you can sell back to the utility company for more money in your pocket.


  1. Requires large space

When it comes to determining the amount of power that can be derived from a specific area, we look at power density, which refers to watts per square meter. Generally, solar radiation’s global mean power density is about 170 W per m², which is quite high compared to electricity. This means that you will need some substantial amount of space to expertly install enough solar panels to fully power your entire home.


  1. It’s hard to move house

One of the significant shortcomings of solar energy is that it can be quite costly trying to move it when you finally decide to move your home. This can be a disadvantage to the much younger homeowners who may be planning to move in the coming years. But if you decided to keep it on that home, it will bring up the value of the house.


  1. Solar panels don’t fit all roof types

Since most solar systems are installed on roofs, certain roofing materials like cedar tiles can be quite tricky for installers to work on. Additionally, some homes also feature rooftop additions such as roof decks which can also be a hindrance to the installation process. It even becomes worse when your roofs are covered in shades which prevent direct sunlight from reaching them. At Semper Solaris, we have years of experience in many different rooftops.



Overall, solar energy will help you reduce your overall energy bills, reduce your carbon emissions, and improve your property value. On the other hand, solar power wouldn’t be a smart investment if you move a lot, plus the initial costs can be high. Regardless of these, most homeowners believe that the pros of installing a solar system still outweigh the cons as it gives you a peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about the rising energy bills for over 25 years. If you decide to install solar power in your home, just remember to contact Semper Solaris and speak with one of your representatives.

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