Next Step – Site Overlay Approval Needed

Your overlay has now been completed and has been sent via DocuSign for your approval. If you have not received a call already from the Operations Support Team, you should receive one shortly.

Here is what to expect next

  • When you receive the DocuSign email, please review the Project Overlay and click Approved. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your Project Overlay, please reach back out to the Operations Support Team.
  • If you have an HOA now is the time to make sure to submit a copy of the Project Overlay to them for approval. If your HOA requires a full plan set for submittal, please let the Operations Support Team know.
  • As soon as we have received your Approved Project Overlay we will begin the drafting of your permit and will submit it to your local building department for approval. This part of the process can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks.
  • As soon as we get back your approved permit from the local building department a Semper Solaris Project Manager will call you to schedule your solar installation!
    • The entire installation process can take several days. Your Project Manager will keep you updated throughout the installation process.
    • Congratulations again on Going Solar American Style.
Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at
(888) 210-3366