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Best Solar Company in Costa Mesa

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Interested in completely controlling and owning the energy flow in your home? Do you want to out-smart high energy costs? Stay ahead of the game by going solar and taking independence from the energy company!

It's your home, you should be able to choose how to power it! Did you know you can actually get paid to ditch the utility company? Federal and local incentives paired with selling stored energy back to the energy company provide many customers the opportunity to essentially install their solar system at little to no cost!

While many feel going solar can't be enough to power your home, when installed properly, Solar Panels truly give you THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! If you're ready to move forward in going solar, reach out to Costa Mesa's best solar company Semper Solaris.

Put your home's energy responsibility in YOUR hands, NOT the electric company! Take back the power!

Residential Solar Costa Mesa

Did you know that Costa Mesa has been one of the leaders in Orange County for residential solar installations? There's a good reason you've been seeing more and more solar panels in your neighborhood. Costa Mesa has become a top 10 city in California for Solar Panels because its residents have seen substantially lowered and even eliminated energy bills!

We've all noticed rising utility costs over the last few years. While some homeowners choose to just keep paying higher prices, a large number of others are choosing to take control and are making the switch to solar in Costa Mesa.

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Best Solar Installation in Costa Mesa

Eventually, most everyone will likely need to modify their home with a solar panel installation. The most opportune time is now while several excellent incentives, tax credits, and rebates still exist!

Energy provided by the Sun is limitless and free! End the possibility of Blackouts and avoid the ever-rising fees from utility companies.

Did you know? Semper Solaris is the only solar company that offers you the freedom to choose the solar panels that are best for you! We never take a "one size fits all" approach. Each home is unique and requires a different configuration.

Semper Solaris has partnered with the top Solar manufacturers - which means the best possible options and quality Solar for you. We're also the only local company that provides American-made solar panels!

Costa Mesa citizens! Are you ready for the benefits and life-changing savings that solar panels provide? Reach out to us and join the Solar Power transition!

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Get Solar in Costa Mesa

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How Much Will A Solar System Cost Me?

Semper Solaris can offer you options for a solar system that not only meets your electricity needs but also fits your budget. You can also take advantage of solar tax credits available to Costa Mesa residents. There are state and federal rebates available that can make putting solar panels in your home an affordable option for you, and will help defer some of the up-front solar costs, until the system “pays for itself”, which usually happens in as little as 5 years. Our solar panel installation will meet HOA and all jurisdiction requirements.

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How Solar Works
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Solar Energy Loans & Financing

The Big Solar Panel questions: How can I pay for this? Is there any solar financing available?

Yes! Solar Financing loans are an easy and simple financing option. These types of loans offer the unique opportunity of owning your solar system without the burden of a large investment upfront!

Much like an auto loan or mortgage, Solar loans allow you to pay for your solar panels on a monthly basis. Unlike home-improvement loans, Solar loans allow you to manage debt while owning an asset that provides value and lowers bills for your home at the same time. Some Solar customers even find their new reduced energy bill cancels out the cost of their Solar loan!

Don't forget to remember the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit as well as other rebates from the city of Costa Mesa when you go solar!

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Best Solar Company in Costa Mesa

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Above all, by pairing with the best manufacturers for all our solar products, Semper Solaris provides THE BEST SOLAR PANEL INSTALLATION WARRANTY in the industry! In addition, please take a look at our warranties page to find out more. If you're going Solar, in conclusion go with Semper Solaris.

Semper Solaris makes the process very streamlined and easy, so the permitting process is quick

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Helping Veterans One
System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.