Your Heating and Air Conditioning Company in Anaheim

Anaheim, California, known worldwide as the home of “The Happiest Place on Earth,” is also one of the sunniest cities in California. As a result, solar power in Anaheim is plentiful, with energy efficiency as a centerpiece for creating a clean, green city fueled by renewable energy.

Semper Solaris is your friendly neighborhood solar and roofing company. We are proud to introduce our newly coined Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Anaheim and the greater Orange County area.

A new energy-efficient HVAC system alongside solar panels and a solar battery means more control over your energy usage. In a sense, your home system would serve as an energy-independent power grid, keeping you up and running after disasters and during blackouts.

Energy Efficiency, Savings, and Home Comfort

As homeowners take to the streets in their electric cars and outfit their homes with the latest solar panel technology, that’s progress. They are saving big on energy costs and making huge gains for the environment. But what about the livability factor and air quality inside the home?

Often overlooked is the condition and performance of the heating and air conditioning running in the background day in and day out. HVAC uses the largest share of your overall energy consumption. The Department of Energy estimates it is nearly 50 percent of your usage. With the older, inefficient HVAC systems, that number could be considerably higher

Old, outdated HVAC

  • Uses toxic refrigerants that pollute the environment
  • Consumes vast amounts of energy
  • Causes discomfort from poor temperature and airflow
  • Produces poor quality indoor air
  • It Is costly to run

New HVAC technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, producing increased efficiency, significant energy cost reductions, and enhanced home comfort. Energy-efficient HVAC comes with cutting-edge technology that will give you more control over your indoor environment.

New, Energy Efficient HVAC

  • Uses cleaner refrigerant for lower emissions
  • Uses significantly less energy
  • Provides better airflow and temperature control
  • Improves air quality
  • Saves money on energy bills

Get Solar Panels and Energy Efficient HVAC in Anaheim

While solar power drastically lowers energy cost and greenhouse gas emissions as a standalone system, solar panel technology seamlessly merges with HVAC systems for a double whammy. This powerful combination surpasses the energy savings and lower carbon footprint as an integrated, interdependent team.

Semper Solaris is your leading solar and roofing company in Anaheim. We have added Heating and Air conditioning to our list of outstanding home energy services for the greatest advantage. Beat the heat of summer while running your AC without giving a second thought to the cost. That is the beauty of solar. Panels. Enjoy the best home comfort with solar power coupled with energy-efficient heating and air conditioning from Semper Solaris in Anaheim.

Your Heating and Air Conditioning Installation in Anaheim

Anaheim is one of the best cities for outdoor activities in America. Coming home to summer’s unforgiving heat and humidity or the chill of winter inside your house is a non-starter and can ruin the fun you just had. Whether cooling off after a hot day or being toasty and warm after playing in the snow, a comfortable indoor environment is as important as getting out and having fun with your family.

Your health, safety, and comfort are the top priority for Semper Solaris. We offer the highest quality, cutting edge products and not-to-be-outdone customer service. We are experts at repairing and maintaining your current HVAC system. In addition, we provide top-notch installation of new HVAC systems.

If your HVAC is not doing its job of making your home comfortable, it may need repairs. But if it is an older, malfunctioning relic of the HVAC past, it may be time to upgrade to a new, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning unit from Semper Solaris.

Signs you may need to replace your Air Conditioner

  • Older than ten years
  • Not turning on
  • No cool or warm air
  • Slow or no airflow
  • High humidity and Odors
  • Costly repairs/Higher utility bills

Solar, Roofing, Heating, and Air Conditioning Service in Anaheim

Semper Solaris has installed hundreds of Solar panels and roofs in Anaheim. The addition of HVAC brings the best array of home energy services right to your door. Solar, roofing, heating, and air conditioning, under the same banner, streamline the process for homeowners, making it easier than ever to upgrade to new technology. Why use a separate contractor when you have a local company that can do it all?


  • Our team is experienced and qualified to install nearly every type of solar power system.
  • Solar battery storage with Solar panels lets you control your usage and cost.
  • Save even more by selling your unused generated power back to your utility company.


Heating and Air Conditioning

  • We are NATE certified and qualified for service, repair, and installation of HVAC units.
  • We use the highest quality equipment from the most reputable manufacturers
  • We can customize your system with addon equipment including powerful air filters and cleaners for allergies and respiratory problems.

Semper Solaris is your go to company for home energy needs. Whether you need repair or maintenance of your heating and air conditioning, a brand-new energy efficient HVAC, a new roof, solar panels, or all of these, we will get the job done. Our team goes above and beyond to satisfy our customers.

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

Semper Cares