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Palmdale, CA: Harness One of Nature’s Greatest Resources and Save Money with Solar Power

Residents of Palmdale, California have begun switching to solar power for their energy needs and have seen incredible results!


The climate of Palmdale is fairly arid and is considered to be part of the High Desert.  The same weather patterns that are responsible for bringing in the marine layer over the lower elevations of the Los Angeles Basin are the ones responsible for the regular gusts across Palmdale. These winds are so consistent that the Lake Palmdale Wind Turbine alone can provide enough power to cut the annual energy costs of the Leslie O. Carter Water Treatment Plant in half!

What does this mean for Solar?

You’re hearing a lot about wind power right now and probably wondering how this ties in to your solar investment. First, you can rest assured that the city of Palmdale supports renewable and alternative energy sources. On top of that, there are countless resources available to guide you along every step of the way of the solar process.

Second, the consistent winds mean that you will rarely have clouds blocking your panels. Like most of the Antelope Valley, Palmdale is sunny almost year round. In fact, Palmdale experiences on average two hundred and eighty days of sun a year! To put that in perspective, the United States average is two hundred and five days of sun per year. In addition, Palmdale very rarely sees snow. These conditions make it perfect for solar power!

So how much can you save?

The amount of money you can expect to save by switching to solar can vary based on the size of your system, financing options, and other factors. If you install a 2.54kW solar panel system on your home, you could expect the system to completely pay for itself in about seven and a half years and save you over $26,000 by the twenty fifth year! Larger systems can even save you over $29,000 by only the twentieth year!

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Keeping Your Investment Safe

As we discussed earlier, Palmdale is known for being a windy city. You may be worried that your solar panels can be damaged by gusts of winds and that your panels’ mounts won’t hold up. There’s no need to worry: most solar panels are rated to withstand winds of approximately 140 miles per hour! Not only are the panels built to last, but here at Semper Solaris we trust in the highest rated Ironridge solar panel mounts to secure your system to your home. Combine that with the knowledge possessed by your local Semper Solaris technicians and you can rest assured that your solar investment will be safe for years to come!



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