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If you live in Palm Springs, Indio, or anywhere else in the Coachella Valley, then you know there’s a whole lot of sunshine that you can be using to power your home. If you’re considering solar power but need some more information before calling in a contractor, then you’ve come to the right place. Better yet, this solar panel information is tailored specifically for Coachella Valley residents.

First off:

You may be wondering whether you should choose a local solar contractor or not? In short, the answer is an obvious yes! Let’s find out why.

Why go with local solar companies?

The benefits of choosing a regional solar installer over a national installer almost go without saying.

Right off the bat:

Your local Indio or Palm Springs solar installer is going to know your area’s local solar regulations and electrical ordinances like the back of their hand. For instance, our Coachella Valley team here at Semper Solaris can help you file a solar permit and make sure your solar installation runs smoothly.

With each jurisdiction having its own permitting, inspection, and incentive processes, it’s no wonder why the smart choice is to call your local solar contractors.

Believe it or not:

The local weather is also a huge factor in regards to solar panel installations. Local solar contractors will know what solar panels are best suited for you and how to orient them on your roof to best absorb sunlight.

How do Solar Panels Work in Different Weather Conditions?

The Indio/ Palm Springs areas can be summed up into two words: hot and windy!


Solar panels are engineered to withstand desert heat and winds of up to 140 MPH! But it’s not that simple. Although your solar panels may be built to withstand harsh and unpredictable weather, they may still get knocked off of your roof if you don’t use the right solar mounts.

This is why at Semper Solaris, we use the highest rated Ironridge solar panel mounts. As a local Coachella Valley solar contractor, we know how to deal with the wind and we know the right tools for the job. Your solar panels will be safely mounted to your roof and you can have some peace of mind in knowing that they’ll stay there! Do you think an out of town solar contractor would even take into consideration the local windy weather and how to manage it? Probably not!

Solar Panel Systems

Did you know there’s more to a solar energy system than just the rooftop solar panels?

That’s right:

When you go solar, you’re actually investing in various parts that make up a whole solar system. You’re investing in panels, solar mounting racks, wiring, solar inverters, an energy monitoring system, and possibly a solar battery storage system. There’s a lot of piecing things together and with the wrong solar technician, your solar panel system may not be installed properly.

With Semper Solaris, you’re not just getting panels. You’re getting an entire solar energy package that is built to work seamlessly with all of its subcomponents. You’re also getting a team of professional solar experts who have performed hundreds of solar installations, specific to the Indio and Palm Springs electrical grid system.

What Makes a Quality Solar Panel System?

Coachell Valley Ferris Wheel

The requirements for a solar panel system to be considered high quality are simple. Solar panels made by reputable manufacturers like Panasonic or SolarWorld are great places to start because of their industry leading technology and long history of developing exceptional electronic products.

With so many new solar panel manufacturers making generic copies of each other’s panels, it’s a safe bet to go with the industry leaders who have patented technology and a long history of making quality electronic components.

Investing in solar is much like any other investment, be it a home, a car, etc. Ensuring you’re getting your solar panels from a reputable solar panel contractor who installs panels made from quality solar panel manufacturers is very important because as the old adage says, “you get what you pay for”!

The main reason most people invest in solar is for the long-term savings. With a lower quality solar panel or installation, you’re putting yourself at risk for inefficient energy absorption, electrocution, and worst of all, the possibility of not being covered by warranty.

When you go solar with Semper Solaris, your panels are covered by a 25 year manufacturer warranty and your solar installations are always performed by the best solar technicians in the industry.

Southern California Edison – Coachella Valley

Solar panel contractors who have experience working with Southern California Edison (SCE) are your best bet. Our Semper Solaris contractors can have you set up with SCE’s Net Energy Metering program to have you selling your surplus solar energy back to the grid in no time!

In addition to getting set up with Net Energy Metering, our Semper Solaris representatives can help you find California solar tax credits and rebates as well as any local solar rebates in Indio and Palm Springs.

Remember, the State of California wants you to get solar panels and there are so many resources out there to help you make solar panels as affordable and easy to install as possible. Renewable energy is the future – invest in your future and free yourself from rising electrical rates.

Solar Panel Service and Maintenance

Repairing broken solar panels is something that doesn’t happen often, but when it does, make sure it’s done by an experienced solar technician. If your solar panels were damaged by hail, wind, or unforeseen events, they may be covered by manufacturer warranty, but only if installed by a solar contractor that is backed by said manufacturer warranty (hint: Semper Solaris is backed by a 25 year manufacturer warranty).

Coachella Valley and Solar – It Just Makes Sense

If you’re considering solar panels in Palm Springs, Indio, or anywhere else in the Coachella Valley, don’t hesitate to call Semper Solaris. We’ll walk you through our solar installation process and help you choose the right panels fit your your specific situation.

Go Solar American Style!

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