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Solar Installation – Serving California’s High Desert Residents

Why are so Many High Desert Residents Switching to Solar?

  • On average, High Desert residents on the SCE grid pay more for electricity than the rest of the nation
  • California energy costs have risen dramatically in recent years with no signs of slowing.
  • The High Desert is one of the sunnier parts of Central-Southern California, making it an ideal place to invest in solar electricity
  • California offers the most rebates and incentives for residents who choose to go solar
  • The California solar industry has created over 54,000 new jobs to support our economy and counting

Are you wondering who the best solar company in the High Desert is? How about in all of California?

The answer to both:

Semper Solaris

Are you ready to invest in solar panels? At Semper Solaris, we understand the importance of this investment and we make every effort to provide the best solar installation experience for our local High Desert community. How do we do it? We approach every solar installation as a unique project. Every home and every neighborhood in the High Desert area is different and we take the extra effort into creating a customized solar project for you. If you’re tired of SCE’s ever increasing electrical costs (or PG&E for High Desert residents living in Kern County), then it’s time to invest in solar. You’ll have peace of mind, control over your electrical costs, and you’ll be contributing to helping our world become a cleaner, more sustainable place to live.

Why Choose a Local Solar Contractor in the High Desert?

Simple. High Desert is a large area with multiple electrical grids and consists of multiple small and medium sized towns, all with their own solar permitting standards. You need to choose a solar installation expert who’s worked within your city limits. Whether you live in Palmdale, Ridgecrest, Yucca Valley, or anywhere in the High Desert area, our team at Semper Solaris has got you covered. Your best bet to go solar is to go local!

What does this mean for you?

This means that any solar contractors outside of the High Desert area may not be familiar with your city’s building codes and solar permitting processes. Furthermore, the High Desert’s two electrical providers, PG&E and SCE, operate separately and have different requirements when it comes to connecting a solar panel system to their respective electrical grids. Choosing a local High Desert solar contractor like Semper Solaris will ensure you’re getting someone with the right experience!

Why Semper Solaris?

When it comes to something as complex as connecting a solar panel system to your electrical grid, you’ll want to hire the most experienced solar contractor in the High Desert area. Semper Solaris has years of experience in the solar industry, as well as dealing specifically with PG&E and SCE’s unique rates and regulations.

Beyond all the years of experience and quality solar panels, we’re simply here for you.

That’s right:

Although solar technology has been around for years, its mass adoption to residential housing is very recent. As with anything new, it’s always a little scary jumping right in, but we’re here to assure you that going solar is nothing to be intimidated by. After thousands of solar installations, our team at Semper Solaris has seen it all and we know how to ensure your unique solar project goes as smooth as possible. As the top solar company in the High Desert, we make your solar installation simple by providing you with excellent customer support and an open communication channel for every step of the way. Contact our local High Desert office to get started with your solar energy journey.

Experience is Everything when it Comes to Solar

When you have a bad experience at the grocery store, you lose a few minutes of your time. A bad experience with your solar panel installation however, can cost you thousands of dollars in damages and a whole lot of wasted time.

Semper Solaris is the High Desert’s Solar Peace of Mind

With hundreds of customer reviews and testimonial videos, we don’t have to say much about the excellence of our solar services. When you go solar with Semper, you’re investing in a seamless solar installation experience backed by a 25 year manufacturer warranty from top solar manufacturers such as Panasonic and Silfab.

Solar Rebates & Incentive Programs
in the High Desert Area

Did you know that you may qualify for solar power rebates and incentives? Currently, there are federal, state, and municipal solar rebates and incentives available. These incentives are available until funding runs out meaning that today, more than ever, is the time to go solar! You can get up to 30% back on your solar system investment. As of December 2015, the federal solar tax credit has been extended for five years. It will remain in effect at the current 30% rate until 2019. The 30% rate will drop every year afterwards, moving down to 26% in 2020 and 22% in 2021. From 2022 and onwards, only commercial solar installations can claim a tax credit, so the time to go solar is now!

Why Go Solar in the High Desert Area?

Sunny Southern California and Solar Energy just makes sense. Sunny days provide great weather for solar energy generation. The High Desert area specifically gets well over 275 days of sun per year! Start saving today with solar so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor adventures that the High Desert area has to offer!

Helping Veterans One Solar System at a Time

The Semper Cares Initiative was founded to help deserving veterans get relief from high electricity prices by blessing them with energy independence and the security of a secure roof over their heads.

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