things to do in bakersfield

Things to Do in Bakersfield

Things to do in Bakersfield CA

Things to Do in Bakersfield

Top 5 Adventures to Add to Your List

The city of Bakersfield is a gorgeous city with plenty to offer those visiting as well as year-round residents. Here's a list of some of our favorite places in Bakersfield:



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1. Bakersfield Museum of Art

The Bakersfield Museum of Art is located in Central Park at the corner of R Street and 19th Street. Founded in 1956, the museum was mostly funded by the Walter Osborn family in memory of their daughter, Marion Osborn Cunningham. There is a great selection of sculptures, paintings, and other art all set within beautiful indoor galleries as well as in the tranquil gardens. The gift shop is lovely with good prices for custom-made items. A great local art museum, well managed and kept updated by great staff and curators. Through their various exhibits, the Bakersfield Museum of Art hopes to engage and inspire each and every one of its visitors. They do all they can to keep art in Bakersfield fresh and interesting!

Bakersfield Museum of Art

2. Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace

This is a great place to have brunch and to view country music history. Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace is a music hall and museum dedicated to preserving Buck Owens’ legacy and country-western music. Owen’s was the creator of the Bakersfield sound of country music. In 2006 he ran and regularly performed at the restaurant before he passed away. The collections within this museum are divided among three thematic areas: Guitars, Suits, and Memorabilia. It is just as popular today as when it first opened. Enjoy your evening with excellent food, awesome music, and friendly service. So, if you have a little country in you, or even if you don’t, this is a must visit!

Buck Owens Crystal Palace

3. Murray Family Farms

The Murray Family Farm offers a delightful mix of fun and a true family working the farm that has been operating for a quarter of a century and has acquired a tremendous local following over the years. This farm is a great stop to pick or buy fresh produce. Here you can get ‘on the farm’ experience as you pick the best of the current seasons' fruits and vegetables. This organic vegetable and fruit farm has been growing strawberries, stone fruit, blackberries, citrus, apples, asparagus, artichokes, melons, tomatoes and pumpkins for the last 24 years. Another fun part is, the kids can get close and personal with the petting zoo animals!


Murray Family Farms Bakersfield

4. Kern County Raceway Park

Kern County Raceway Park is the best racetrack in the local area and a very good place to take your family if you want to have a good time! Kern County Raceway Park is a 0.5 mile (0.80 km) oval race car track that opened to the public on 2013 as a replacement for the Mesa Marin Raceway. There are also 18 concession stands in the park. The track holds 5,000 seats for fans and can also increase its size to hold 17,000 seats for the various events it puts on year round. A quick visit here and you will be blown away by how awesome this establishment is!

Kern County Raceway

5. Wool Growers Restaurant

Among a handful of the most loved restaurants in Bakersfield and the South San Joaquin Valley, Wool Growers Restaurant is a Basque favorite of generations of locals. Wool Growers is a popular family-owned Basque restaurant that has been around since 1954, located in a part of Bakersfield known as the Basque Block. The restaurant’s ambiance and character give you the feeling of being at home with a large family gathering. Wool Growers is also the place where you might bump into former President Reagan or any number of celebrities. Wool Growers has earned its place in the hearts of everyone who’s ever visited by consistently deserving delicious food with outstanding service. A truly unique dining experience!

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