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Semper Comfort

Two-Stage Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

Semper Solaris gas furnaces are built tough to last.

Exclusive Lifetime Unit Replacement Warranty*

10 Year Warranty American Pride
Made in the USA Hires Veterans

Limited Warranty

  • Exclusive Lifetime Unit Replacement Warranty*
  • Lifetime Air Conditioning and Furnace Replacement Warranty
  • 10-Year Additional Factory Backed Labor Warranty Available
  • Made in the USA

* Please speak with a representative for specific details.

Product Features

Engineered Longevity

Semper Solaris brand gas furnaces live up to expectations through intelligently designed components that benefit from decades of performance testing and refinement.

Quiet Comfort

Our Multi-Speed Furnace is insulated for noise reduction. With a sound-isolated blower assembly and a heavy-gauge steel cabinet, it offers quiet and efficient performance compared to furnaces with single-speed motors.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency equates to cost savings. A gas
furnace’s efficiency rating can primarily be determined by two factors: its
AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), which indicates what
percentage of each dollar of natural gas purchased is actually used to heat
your home; and the type of blower used in the furnace.

Self-Diagnostic Control Board

Continuously monitors the system for consistent, reliable operation, stores last diagnostic codes in memory and indicates condition through a flashing LED for quick troubleshooting.

Product Specifications


Input 40,000 BTU/h
Natutal Gas Output 32,000 BTU/h
LP Gas Output 32,000 BTU/h
AFUE 80%
Available AC @ 0.5” ESP 3
Temperature Rise Range 25-55 °F

Circulator Blower

Size (D x W) 10" x 6"
Horsepower @1075 RPM 1/3
Speed 4
Vent Diameter 4"
No. of Burners 2

Electrical Data

Min. Circuit Ampacity 4.8
Max. Overcurrent Device 15

Ship Weight (lbs)


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