Next Step - Final Inspection

Here is what to expect next:

  • Now that your solar installation is complete, we have scheduled your final inspection with the local building department.
  • If you have not already; you will receive a call from your Operation Support Team to let you know what day the final inspection will be. Your Operation Support Team will then call you again on the morning of the final inspection to let you know the inspection window. Unfortunately, most building departments do not set their inspection schedule until the morning of the requested inspection, so we are unable to provide exact times for the inspection window until the morning of.
  • It is not always required that you be home as long as we have full access. However, in some cases the local building inspector may want to get into the attic or inside the garage. If this is the case, we would need you to be present or have someone available to provide us access.
  • The majority of final inspections will pass the first time. Occasionally, the inspector may have a few minor corrections for our team. If this happens we will immediately make the corrections and reschedule the final inspection.
  • In some cases, the inspector will tell us the morning of inspection that the inspection is being moved back a day due to their workload. We appreciate your patience in these cases.
Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at
(888) 210-3366


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